Using Yoga To Tap Into Your Internal Healing Potential…

Using Yoga To Tap Into Your Internal Healing Potential

Mantra: To Heal, I Must Understand the Pain

The movement of the body is a connector.

It links the muscles to the bones and the breath to the belly. When we close our eyes and stand still with our feet evenly on the yoga mat, we create a sense of center. We align our energy from our core to the earth.

Our flesh is our sensor to the touchable world.

As we bend our spine and stretch our hands to the sky, we find ourselves vulnerable. Yoga taps into that vulnerability; it exposes the crevasses of our past, the shadows we tend to confine.

The fluidity of movement releases our breath in a sigh of relief, for the tension we collect throughout the day spills away.

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Breathing Basics

Breathe In. Breathe Out.

The rise and fall of the chest and belly reminds us of the rhythmic motions of ocean waves, as if our breath is the water kissing the shoreline and then descending back into the abyss of consciousness.

In the shades of blue, we dive deep into the motion of our strength. We establish a connection with the fire within the chest. The drumming of our heart plays our internal melody of motivation.

Yoga is about unity, drawing on all the energies of our existence in order to truly create balance and security.

Yoga heals the mind, because as we focus and select our thoughts on precise moments and motions, we are then able to understand ourselves better.

As someone who blanketed herself in self-hate for over 10 years, I found a sense of exposure in yoga that I hadn’t felt before.

Healing through Internal Power

My yoga practice has allowed me to truly honor my vulnerability, to recognize that in order to heal, I must understand the pain.

Perfection is not within my yoga practice. I start each workout with the mantra: I AM STRONG, SMART, AND BEAUTIFUL.

I see the reflection within the ocean waves of my breath, and it energizes me to honor the internal power of learning from the past.


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