Healing The Heart With The Power Of Malachite…

Healing The Heart With The Power Of Malachite

Malachite is one of the best stones for heart healing. It shares its rich green color with the heart chakra, Anahata chakra. The swirls of darker and lighter shades make malachite appear to be in motion, just as the heart is always moving, even when we are at rest.

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Energy Conductor

The mineral malachite gets its color from copper, which is a wonderful conductor of electrical energy- the kind of energy that guides the beat of the heart. At the same time, its relatively soft nature makes malachite a gentle healer which supports and re-energizes the heart chakra without overstimulating it.

Malachite Malas

Malachite creates a very loving feeling, making it perfect for a mala used to chant a mantra of heart opening, such as one sending peace to all beings. When wearing malachite as a wrist mala, try wearing a pair, one on each wrist, so that they create a line of energy which connects directly through the heart, keeping it open and supported.

Caring for Malachite

Since malachite is a slightly softer stone, pieces of malachite jewelry or malas should always be stored separately from anything that could scratch them. The stone is still durable enough for everyday wear to keep you centered in your heart energy.

Other Stones

If you want to wear malachite in combination with other stones, it works very well with lapis to connect the heart and throat chakras, allowing you to communicate from your heart more fully. It also coordinates well with dark stones such as onyx which help keep you grounded in the present moment.


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