Yoga And Ayurveda To Rejuvenate Your Body And Mind…

Yoga And Ayurveda To Rejuvenate Your Body And Mind

Yoga and Ayurveda are like two hands of a clock. The way two hands of a clock are part of a clock and at some point cross each other’s path. Similarly, yoga and Ayurveda happen to be a branch of Vedic knowledge that meets each other at a certain level.

Ayurveda is one of the Upavedas that deals with the science of health and well-being.

Yoga, on the other hand, is studied as a spiritual practice for the inner self i.e. sadhana. This sadhana means ease from spiritual suffering. The primary aspect of this sadhana is spirituality and has nothing to do with physical or psychological diseases or their cures. But, if we turn the table for yoga and use it differently, we would be able to see its medical aspects too.

To witness the medical aspects of yoga, we would have to bend yoga towards Ayurveda. For the healing process, yoga should be practiced as per the ayurvedic guidelines of treatment and maintenance of the health.

Modern yoga therapy

The modern yoga therapy involves modification of asanas and its styles. It is used as an ailment for diseases and to improve health. This is certainly different from sadhana, the spiritual practice.

Modern yoga therapy is a therapeutic method which comprises of examination of a patient, diagnosis of disease, details of previous medication of modern medicine, if any and treatment. Since yoga therapy is all about asanas, it heals partially. To achieve full healing potential, one must be able to achieve a yogic lifestyle.

Ayurveda: The yogic lifestyle

For a complete healing potential, we also need pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, and samadhi i.e. a complete yogic system. This yogic system comprises of diet, herbs, and drugs known as internal medicines. This system will not only heal us physically but also the mind, emotions and psychological disorders. This complete system has been available to us for ages in the form of Ayurveda.

This combination of yoga and Ayurveda provides a complete mind and body system that reflects Vedic as well as yogic approach, values, and wisdom altogether. Therefore, it is believed that for the advancement of the world, it is important that people realize the importance of a complete healing process.

As a helping hand, Ayurveda schools in India are offering various courses and treatments that are a complete healing process.

The combination of yoga and Ayurveda is treating people from across the globe in Ayurveda schools in India. It may help you fight depression, emotional instability, poor functioning of digestive system, insomnia and even in rejuvenation.

In the following article, we will understand how a rejuvenation therapy helps body and mind.

Rejuvenation therapy of the body and mind

To maintain the endurance of the body and mind, rejuvenation therapy is a must. Rejuvenation therapy helps in identifying the type of dosha. Accordingly, a tailor made treatment is initiated for the best result.

During the therapy, therapists use a fusion of herbal oils to massage the body and face. This is followed consumption of herbal medicine, medicinal steam bath and finally, yoga practice.

Aids of rejuvenation therapy

• It helps in recovery from excess dosha

• Removes toxins and detoxifies the body

• Enhance the strength of the body and its tissues

• Replenishes the skin

• Cut down the signs of aging

Apart from treatments, there are courses that focus on the yogic system. One of them is Ayurveda cooking course in India. This course will help you in understanding various body types, ayurvedic dietetics, Indian herbs, and spices etc.

This Ayurveda cooking course in India is going to be a wholesome course for your body eventually helping in the complete healing process of any disease.


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