5 Myths About Shiva, Debunked

Lord Shiva, the first yogi or the Adiyogi, is not just a Hindu God, but a system that upholds Universe together. He is the backbone, the very being of humanity per se. Shiva is both ‘existence’ and ‘death’. He is who withholds within him both water and fire.

But there are some serious myths about this god that need to be debunked!

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1. Does ‘Shiva-Linga’ Really Represent a Male Appendage?

Most people are familiar with the Shiva Lingam. It’s a symbolic form of Shiva, and represents his supreme power. But many people have come to the conclusion it’s a dual meaning: not only does it represent Shiva, but also male genitalia. I’m not sure what really started the myth, but Shiva-Linga does not represent Shiva’s penis. ‘Shiva-Linga’ actually represents the infinite being that Shiva is. It means that he has no beginning and no end. It signifies the light that we are as souls and how the entire Universe begins and merges in it with ease.

2. About that Marijuana…

Lots and lots of artwork depicts Shiva smoking some sort of pipe, and it’s theorized this is marijuana. But the truth is nothing in Hindu texts confirm this. Not even Shiva Purana mentions being addicted to or consuming either. Of course, it’s possible…but it’s not something you can just assume.

3. How did Shiva not Know Ganesh was His Son?

Many people wonder, if Shiva is omniscient, how did he not know Ganesh was his son? Instead, he confused him for an intruder and decapitated him! The answer is actually very simple: the underlying purpose is to show that sometimes the Divine goes along with things for the sake of creating a story. Stories — dramatic events — are the backbone of the universe. This is how creation is sustained, and it’s God’s little play.

4. About Shiv-Shakti Being Adam and Eve

Some people mistakenly draw parallels between Shiva and Shakti and Adam and Eve. If you actually break down the stories, they don’t really resonate at all with each other. Many philosophers and saints till date believe and have faith that it was Lord Manu and his wife Shatarupa who represent Adam and Eve in different mythologies.

5. Was Shiva Really an Aghori

In Hinduism, there is a sect known as the Aghoras. They engage in post-mortem rituals that are nothing short of ghastly and disturbing. They claim to get their practices from Shiva, the god of destruction. But Shiva himself never practiced or encouraged these strange rituals, and it has been largely shunned by mainstream Hindu practices. Even for those who are dedicated to Shiva, it’s considered


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