11 Basic Mudras You Need To Know And The Philosophy Behind Them…

11 Basic Mudras You Need To Know And The Philosophy Behind Them

According to ancient Vedic wisdom, your health is literally in your hands. This is because the four fingers and the thumb represent the five major building blocks or the ‘Panchamahabhootas’ of which the entire universe is made viz. Sky (Ether), Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

Disease emerges when these five elements are out of balance.

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The Basics of Mudras

Thumb – The fire (Agni)
Index finger – The air (Vayu)
Middle finger – The ether (Aakasha)
Ring finger – The earth (Prithvi)
Small finger – The water (Jala) So as to bring back the balance in the five elements, there are some specific methods of touching and aligning the fingers with each other.

These are referred to as ‘Hast-Mudras’ and this easy and doable therapy may be practiced anytime as an augmented relief from your malady as well as a handy tool for restoring your wellness.

Akash Mudra: For Ear problems
Dhyan Mudra: For Concentration power, depression, and for all mind related problems
Hridya Mudra: For Heart disease, asthma, and respiration related diseases
Jala Mudra: This is for blood purification and all skin diseases.
Prana Mudra: Eye problems, nervous problem, and charges all parts of the body.
Surya Mudra: Obesity, cholesterol etc.
Vayu Mudra: For joint pains, stomach problems etc.
Prithvi Mudra: For peace of mind, Energy etc.

Linga Mudra

How to: clasp the fingers of both hands together and keep one thumb pointed up. Great for respiratory issues and likes like phlegm. Recommended for asthmatic patients.

Gyan Mudra

How to: bring your index finger and thumb together. Recommended during meditation, this Mudra provides a soothing and calming effect on the mind. This is particularly beneficial for increasing memory and concentration and even helps with things like depression, anxiety, loss of sleep, and stress.

Prana Mudra

How to: place the tip of the thumb to the tip of the little and ring finger, keeping the other two fingers straight. This is an immune-boosting practice designed to keep the mind and body free of disease. It’s also believed to bring about a glowing complexion to the skin because it radiates blood-purifying properties.

Varuna Mudra


How to: bring the tip of the little finger to your thumb.

The little finger represents the water element, right? Hence, it’s great for maintaining the fluid balance in your body. This leads to healing for many skin conditions and to a natural glow and luster to your face. It also helps you to clearly and intuitively communicate.

Surya Mudra

How to: place the ring finger at the root of the thumb and press the thumb over it. If you’re concerned about your waistline, this is the mudra for you! It’s believed Surya Mudra speeds up the metabolism.

Vayu Mudra

How to: place the index finger at the root of the thumb and press the thumb into the index finger itself. This mudra will help reduce pain. Air or Vatta (being the root cause of pain in the body) is suppressed by the fire, an energy that feeds into pain.

Dhyana Mudra

How to: overlap your left hand with the right and place them in your lap. This alignment of the hands soothes the nerves. You’ll notice many statues of Buddha have him in this mudra. Practice this regularly to combat everyday stress.

Shunya Mudra

How to: place the middle finger at the base of the thumb and bring the thumb on top of the middle finger. A great mudra for any hearing related issues, especially tinnitus. Also good for vertigo issues!

Prithvi Mudra

How to: place the tip of the ring finger to the thumb.

For those who want to gain weight!

Apana Mudra

How to: bring the tip of your thumb to the middle finger and ring finger, keeping the index and small finger upright. This calms the wind energy in the body, so it’s especially good for bloating.

Hridaya Mudra

How to: place the index finger at the root of the thumb and bring the tip of the thumb to the middle finger and ring finger. Extend the little finger.

Hridaya Mudra may prove very helpful to release pent-up emotion and unburden your heart. It is an excellent mudra to practice during times of emotional conflict and crisis.

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