3 Things To Know About The Indian Concept Of Satsang…

3 Things To Know About The Indian Concept Of Satsang

When the Universe sends us moments where we think we need solitude is when our souls are craving the nurturing presence of others. Choosing to withdraw within is often an intuitive choice after a life-changing event. The School of Hard Knocks teaches us that it is satsang, a gathering of like-minded people, which is essential to our spiritual growth.

Enjoying satsang encourages us to open our hearts to others and share our experience of the human condition. Satsang, a Sanskrit word, is an Indian concept, that means to honor each other’s company. Sanga means company and sat means truth. Here are 3 ways that satsang can nourish your soul.

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1) Reconnect with your higher self.

Being around like-minded people gives us space to reveal our true selves. When we take the risk to truly be authentic with ourselves and others, we raise our own vibration and connect with the Universe on a higher level. The physical shift in our energy that occurs during and after satsang, reminds us to trust our instincts. To trust that the Universe has our back. And surrender.

2) Remind you of your path.

When we show up for ourselves in the presence of others, it reminds us that it’s the Universe’s job to ensure that we are on the right path.  Being ‘employed’ by the Universe can be joyful and sometimes painful.

Our path is not our title, our job, our postcode or our thoughts. It’s where we are in the moment. If we stay true to our path, we can overcome our challenges and view them as lessons that we will need to move forward with our life’s purpose. If we succumb to our external reality to provide us with happiness, we may find ourselves taking more exit ramps from our true path. These detours can be useful, because they remind us to trust our instincts. Something many of us have forgotten to trust. Satsang can be a timely reminder to honor our soul path.

And trust our instincts.

3) Shine your light on others.

When we trust our instincts, we are light. We are doing the real work of being ourselves. When we bask in the light of others during satsang, it reminds us that our real work in this lifetime is to show our love and light for others. Satsang is a way to shine. Inside and out.

Shine bright, my friends.


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