The Ayurvedic Oil Massage: The Best Way To Overcome Tiredness…

The Ayurvedic Oil Massage: The Best Way To Overcome Tiredness

Tell me, how often do you feel energized after a long day at work? How often do you spend your weekend usefully, not just sleeping or sitting on a sofa? And how often do you think about getting up early in the morning to do greater things?

You could say that the only thing you want to do after work is to go to bed and get up around 10 o’clock in the morning. It is called “tiredness,” and it’s something everyone faces. What can set you on your feet and kill your tiredness? Of course, your physical health depends on many factors such as a healthy diet, sport, good sleep, and so on. These things nourish you from the inside, making your body stronger and more enduring, but they require time to achieve desirable results.

Is there anything that kills tiredness right away? Yes, a massage. There are different kinds of massages. Today, we will talk about the Ayurvedic oil massage, which will not only let your body relax, but relax its largest organ—the skin.

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What is Ayurvedic Oil Massage?

What is Ayurveda? Ayurveda is an ancient natural treatment that aims to create harmony within the body.

The Ayurvedic oil massage is one of the main treatments of Ayurveda. Massages help the body physically, mentally, and emotionally. Herbs and oils are important to use in Ayurvedic massage. Usually, the massage requires essential oils and various herbs chosen by every person. The technique of Ayurvedic massage is also different. There are three types of movements—active (strong pressure), passive (delicate stroking), and persuasive (pinching or kneading the small muscles with your thumb and forefinger). The Ayurvedic oil massage also includes tapping, kneading, and squeezing. The massage creates a very relaxing but invigorating, which makes you feel lively.

The secret and uniqueness of the Ayurvedic massage are that it is performed with little awareness of the marmas and chakras. In Ayurveda, marmas are vital points, and if they are used correctly, they will revitalize the entire body.

The Ayurvedic massage treatment is tailored to your needs, lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. The oil is heated and applied directly to your skin. You will be covered with soft sheets or towels throughout the treatment, and only the parts being massaged will be exposed, ensuring you feel warm and secure.

What Type of Ayurvedic Massage Do You Need to Overcome Tiredness?

There are a lot of types of Ayurvedic massages in Ayurveda. Every type is a treatment tailored to different sicknesses. For example, the Udvartana massage is aimed towards increasing blood circulation and releasing toxins from the body. This is an ideal treatment for those who wish to control their cholesterol level, lose weight, and improve their skin complexion.

Bataan and Elakijhi massages use various herbal materials to improve skin beauty. The Njavarkijhi or Shirodhara massage helps fill you with energy all week. The Njavarkijhi massage is not only great for the skin but is also great for de-stressing and revitalization. The Shirodhara massage is a head massage that stimulates the nerves in the scalp using medicated or herbal oil that is poured on the head in a constant stream.

It relieves mental fatigue, increases focus, clarity, and alleviates headaches.

What Do You Need to Feel Complete Relaxation?

Essential oils and herbs:

As you already know, the Ayurvedic massage requires you to choose one or two essential oil and herb and then mix them with a carrier oil. There are different types of essential oils and herbs.

Relaxation music:

Relaxation music is a good addition to massage therapy, as music touches our deepest spiritual essence. It makes you forget about your daily routine and any problems temporally.


Specific essential oils for aromatherapy let you enjoy the massage more. Smell is the only sense with a direct link to the limbic (or emotional center) of the brain. During the Ayurvedic massage, this gives the aromas the power to evoke vivid impressions, conjure up memories, and trigger emotions.

Low light:

It makes a magical atmosphere. Dim lighting, nice smells, good music coupled with the Ayurvedic massage will give you unforgettable impressions. If you want to try something new and useful, the Ayurvedic oil massage is for you.


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