9 Amazing Ganesh Facts Revealed!…

9 Amazing Ganesh Facts Revealed!


Religion can unify a nation and even a region. In Asia, countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal and India are unified by their Hindu beliefs. Hinduism has many deities that symbolize the values of the religion. One such deity that is adored and worshiped by hundreds of millions of worshipers during Ganapati, a religious festival held in its honor, is Lord Ganesh.

One of the most popular Hindu dieties the world over, it seems like everyone wants to know more about him! Here are a few facts you need to know.

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 Here are 9 amazing Ganesh Facts to Ponder

1) Ganesh Was Created

Far from being that deity that existed before time itself, Lord Ganesh was actually created by a goddess known as Parvati. This goddess is believed to be the consort of another deity known as Lord Shiva. Parvati is widely understood by believers to have created Ganesh out of sandalwood and then gave it a life force.

2) Ganesh The Door Guard

It is believed that Ganesh was created by the goddess to keep watch at the door of her bathroom while she takes a bath. The sandalwood used in creating Lord Ganesh was actually used by Parvati whenever she has a bath.

3) Shiva Gave Ganesh The Elephant Head

The elephant head that Ganesh has was actually given to it by Lord Shiva. No one is sure why, but it is believed that it was out of spite as Lord Shiva is not allowed to enter into the home of the goddess Parvati. Since Ganesh guards the door to her home, it is believed that as punishment for resisting Lord Shiva entry, he was given an elephant head.

4) Ganesh Is Vigana Harta

The Hindus also refer to Lord Ganesh as Vigana Harta as he is believed to be responsible for helping believers get rid of any obstacle or difficulty that may come their way throughout their lifetime.

5) Lord Ganesh Has A Large Student Following

Lord Ganesh is believed to grant believers intelligence, a virtue that has endeared him to students wishing to excel on their academic pursuits, he is also called Buddhi Pradaayaka.

6) One Big Festival!

One major festival that takes place annually and held in Maharashtra, India, in honour of Lord Ganesh by Hindus from all over the world is Ganesh Chaturthi. This is a pilgrimage that any interest you.

7) Ganesh Chaturthi Is A Big Public Event

In 1893, the freedom fighter and activist, Lokmanya Tilak made the Ganesh Chaworth a public celebration, before then it was an exclusive event. Since then however, the Ganesh Chaworth has been a festival followed by millions of Hindu worshipers from around the world.

8) Never Look At The Moon!

It is believed that during the Ganesh Chaworth festival, looking at the moon will invoke the wrath of Lord Ganesh, as he perceives it as a mockery of his appearance. So if you attend any Ganesh Chaworth festival, it would be wise not to look at the moon.

9) Two Hands Tattoo Is A Taboo!

If you ever get a Lord Ganesh full body tattoo, make sure you have one with his “four hands” as that is how he was created by goddess Parvati. It is a taboo to have a Ganesh idol with two hands, as his four hands is a symbol of his divine powers. So get your Ganesh tattoo having four hands to avoid his wrath.



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