Have you heard about Biodecoding?…

Have you heard about Biodecoding?

You may or may not have heard about it. Still, even though it’s becoming increasingly popular, scientific bases, precursor theories, and techniques have been around for a while. If you haven’t, I invite you to discover more about this fascinating healing tool.

What is Biodecoding?

Biodecoding is a technique based on different Quantum Physics theories, but it also involves concepts of Biology and Psychology. Through various processes, it aims to find the root cause of any physical or emotional symptoms you may be experiencing.

It believes that illness is an adaptive response to an emotional trauma lived in the past that, as such, has created a negative limiting belief. This belief triggers an emotional response that releases neurochemicals into the body, ultimately producing a physical reaction or symptom. Different ailments will occur depending on thoughts and stored emotions after the trauma. For instance, while working with a patient with diabetes, we may find this person is holding considerable resistance and is always ready to fight (subconsciously, of course!). In this case, as an adaptive response, extra glucose is stored in their bloodstream to be prepared to fight or defend themselves.

How does Biodecoding work?

Through Biodecoding, we go back to the moment this blockage or subconscious trauma was generated. It may have started in your own life or perhaps while your mother carried you during pregnancy, and it even could come from ancestors. By reviewing that, we can release the stored emotion and assist the person in finding a way towards their healing.

When we work on this subconscious programming and emotional trauma, we can clarify the cognitive perspective that led us to generate the symptom. This knowledge gives us further access to unlock it and work towards change. In other words, the body is trying to provide you with a message, according to your pathology. Through Biodecoding, we can understand what it is trying to tell us. And once we know, we bring it to light and consciousness; most of the time, the symptom does not need to be there anymore.

Why do I mean “most of the time”? Because, sometimes bringing the subconscious belief to light could b enough to unlock it, whereas in other cases, it will involve changing how you see or react to things. Otherwise, the symptom will remain there.

In summary:

Event → Trauma/Shock → Limiting Belief → Automatic emotional response → Neurochemicals released in the body → Symptom or illness.

We will aim through Biodecoding to change the perception and limiting belief so that the emotional response changes, and therefore, the symptom.

What is Biodecoding useful for?

Although we mainly spoke about physical symptoms, emotional patterns that keep happening over and over again can also be addressed here. In this category, you may find:

  • Being dismissed from jobs every few months
  • Having difficulties getting a job
  • Surrounding yourself with toxic people that keep behaving in a specific way
  • Finding partners that keep cheating on you
  • Having trouble committing to a partner
  • Having bosses who are always a certain way (manipulative, authoritative, etc.)
  • Money issues always happen in the same way.

And, of course, every physical illness — except those that are congenital — such as (but not limited to):

  • Chronic disease
  • Allergies
  • Skin issues
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Digestive issues
  • Musculoskeletal issues
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Overweight / Underweight
  • Thyroid and metabolism
  • Urogenital ailments
  • Cancer

To name a few!

How can Biodecoding be complemented?

While you search for the root cause of your symptom, providing Coaching and Holistic Therapies tools to assist the process can be of great help. These may include Bach flowers, sound therapy, meditations and visualisations, and gem elixirs.

Bach Flowers, for example, are phenomenal for this matter, as they align your energy towards a balance point in parallel while you do your “homework”. They make the process much easier for the consultant.

Because of the nature of Complimentary Therapies like this, it’s super important to keep regular treatment with doctors and psychologists. Even more, it creates a synergy when both methods are used simultaneously, bringing better and quicker results.

Wanna know more?

If you have discovered a new world with Biodecoding and are keen to know more about it, let me know in the comments below! Happy to generate more content for your questions 🙂


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