Have You Experienced A Dark Night Of The Soul Journey?…

Have You Experienced A Dark Night Of The Soul Journey?

Are you having a difficult time in life right now where you feel everything in your world is dark, somber, lonely and chaotic? Are you hearing voices in your head or are you even at a place where being around people sends you into a state of panic? If any of the above is resonating with you then you are experiencing a level of your ‘Dark Night of the Soul.’

What is this term ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ and how does it affect your life?

A ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ experience is where you are experiencing a difficult time in your life that is bringing up soul pain which is a deeper layer of pain than surface level human pain. You can also view the perspective of having a ‘spiritual crisis.’

The world is shifting into a higher vibrational energy of light; therefore it is forcing the human body to adjust while also activating the energy body to heal at a deeper energetic level. This is what is catapulting many people into a deep layer of soul pain in order to purge the energy body of outdated belief systems, thought processes and trauma in order to shift into a new energetic paradigm termed as 5th dimension.

When you are embarking upon the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ it is the beginning process of a journey with yourself that will lead you back home to yourself where you become guided by the soul that leads you to wisdoms and freedoms your soul is here to experience. This is when a person’s teachers, mentors and guides show up on the path in order to aide in the spiritual awakening process.

Here are some signs that you may be experiencing a ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ experience in your life…

1. Sudden need to withdraw or move away from people

2. Desire to be still or learn meditation

3. Extreme tiredness & wanting to sleep more

4. Drawn to connect with nature more

5. Desire to learn more about the spirit world

6. Teachers appear to guide the path

7. Twin soul connections begin to appear

Remember, YOU are the most important light to the world YOU create and live for YOU. It is in the deepest moments of our despair, confusion and sadness that we emerge as the brightest shining lights.



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