Have You Ever Imagined That If God Made Us Then Who Is Above God?…

Have You Ever Imagined That If God Made Us Then Who Is Above God?

When we see this beautiful world around us, we often wonder, ‘Who must have created this world?’ We are told ‘God created this world’.

If God is really a creator, just imagine

• How would He have created the world? Would He have toiled like a potter to create one thing after another?

• And would God be partial? Because He makes one person poor and the other filthy rich in His world.

• If God is infinite bliss, then why did He fill this world with worries and miseries?

• When it rains, does God go and make the water?

• If God was born like we are, it means one who gave birth to God existed in this world before God created the world. And say if God was not born, then where did God come from?

So, come let us put to rest all our imagination and get the right understanding from Gnani.

In this world, there are six eternal elements. They are:

1. The Soul (chetan tatva),

2. Matter (jad tatva),

3. Space (aakash tatva),

4. Time (kaal tatva),

5. Element enabling motion (gatisahayak tatva),

6. Element of inertia (sthiti sahayak tatva).

The Soul is one of the 6 eternal elements. And that is what God is!

Thus, God is the Soul, an eternal element, that resides in every living being in the Universe.

No one is above God

An eternal element means it has not been created nor can it ever be destroyed. It is not born nor does it ever die. None of these elements have a beginning or an ending. And none of these elements are above any other. Hence no one is above God.

No one can create a Soul nor can anyone destroy it. Therefore, God has not been created by anyone; no one has made Him. God has no origin, God itself is the original element. God is not dependent, God is self-existent. God has always existed. God is eternal. It is only the body, in which God resides, which changes from one birth to another; it is just like we dispose off an old coat and wear a new one.

God has not made this world nor has he made us.

The world is a puzzle itself and it is only scientific circumstantial evidence. All these are natural adjustments. For example: When two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen come together, along with the other evidences, it results in the formation of water. No one has to sit and make it. It happens on its own, automatically.

In the above example, hydrogen, oxygen, air, time, space, etc. are called the scientific circumstantial evidences. Countless evidences come together to make anything happen. Whether they come together or not is a natural process, which is governed by the laws of Nature. When they come together the work at hand is completed, and when they do not, the event does not take place…

Whatever karma one binds in this life creates causes, the results of which have to be experienced in the next life as effects. The whole world thus functions on the foundation of this karmic ‘effect’.

What is the role of God?

God resides in every ‘creature’ in the form of pure consciousness, and remains the Knower and the Seer of whatever happens. He is always immersed in His own infinite bliss, which is the bliss of the Self.

The Self means the real Self i.e. the Pure Soul. By wrongly believing these karmic effects to be our self, we keep binding karma after karma (causes after causes) and we keep creating our new world of suffering. Causes will not stop as long as, ‘I am John*’ (*the reader may insert his name) is engrained in our belief. The Enlightened One (Gnani) helps break this wrong belief and awakens our Soul. He gives us directions, following which we can stop new causes, and one day finish all our karmas and become God.


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