Happy ThanksRECEIVING!

It’s that time of year again…the holidays are approaching and we are gearing up to start decorating, cooking, hosting parties, buying gifts, perhaps even volunteering at a local soup kitchen or participating in a holiday donation drive!! It can be a fun and exciting time filling our hearts with joy and abundance.

In just a few weeks it will be Thanksgiving, which is not just about eating Turkey and Stuffing… it is a holiday to be celebrated with the intention (hopefully) to “Give Thanks”. Which, for many of us, tends to stir up the notion of GRATITUDE. We may start asking ourselves what we are truly grateful for? How we can give more? How can we serve or help others this time of year?

It always feels so good to give, doesn’t it??? For us it most certainly does! That is the foundation of #SOULSHIFT…to serve the #SOUL!

But what about RECEIVING?….. Trick question, we know. Of course it feels good to receive, especially when it is set up that way. Holidays, birthdays…it is sort of a given (no pun intended) to exchange gifts and can be exhilarating to open presents from our family and friends!

BUT, what about the times when WE are in a position of actual need? When WE need help? When WE need support? How does it feel to receive then? Does pride show up? Resistance? Fear? Even just receiving a compliment can sometimes cause us to resist and/or deflect. Why is it so much easier to give than to receive?

Which brings up the the real question to ask:

How can we ALLOW ourselves to receive then or in those times? To let in the blessings, the compliments, the help or the support without trying to compensate, balance the scales or even “give it back”? How can we be present in need and to recognize the gift in not just receiving support but the opportunity to feel the essence of thankfulness in the first place?

Further #SOULSTRETCHER question…. How can we ASK for help or express the need for support, and THEN receive? That is a big one…. not always easy but actually can be of great benefit to the #SOUL, for all parties involved!

Being in the receiving position can bring up a lot, especially for those that prefer to “give”…but as altruistic as that may seem, RECEIVING is just as important, for we can only truly experience GRATEFULNESS, THANKFULNESS AND GRATITUDE by participating in the full circle of GIVING AND RECEIVING. When we give, it can help us to feel valuable, helpful and needed. When we receive, we can feel valued, helped and supported. Sometimes we are in a position to give and sometimes we are in a position to receive. Both have the opportunity to GIVE us #soulful blessings and are vital for our #soulgrowth.

How can we FEEL the essence of gratitude and thankfulness if we don’t take the opportunity to receive?

To GIVE allows someone to RECEIVE and to RECEIVE allows someone to GIVE. THAT is a true #SOULEXCHANGE, and both are necessary for the complete cycle of GRATITUDE!

Or shall we say….#SOULTITUDE?

So we ask you:

  • What opportunities do YOU have right now to experience gratitude??
  • #Soulstretch that even further to NOT just ask what are you grateful for but what moments are you being given to receive and to be in the space of being thankful and to learn GRATEFULNESS??
  • What is being offered to you now that might be blocking you from receiving and how can you #soulshift it so you can open your heart to welcome the blessings?
  • How can you GIVE Thanks today?
  • How can you RECEIVE Thanks today?

We encourage you this holiday season and onward to not only celebrate THANKSGIVING but THANKSRECEIVING as well. To GIVE yourself the chance to RECEIVE.  To become aware of where you are at in the cycle and allow yourself the fullness of the experience knowing on either side you have been given the GIFT to BE grateful, to BE thankful and to BE in utmost GRATITUDE!





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