Why Everyone Needs A "Happy List"…

Why Everyone Needs A "Happy List"

You Deserve to be Happy

Years ago, my niece, Erika, bought a spiral notebook and began creating her “happy” list.

She mentioned it to all of us one day when we were sitting around at mom’s house.

My sister went out and purchased several spiral notebooks and voila, the “happy list” was born for us all!

Here’s how you can benefit too.

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Easy to Do

The happy list is not difficult.

You just begin numbering and listing…big profound things like God, my family, love, life and small things like bubble baths, yoga, breathing, hugs, trees, oranges, funny movies…etc.

It doesn’t matter.

With each entry, your heart opens more and more comes to you! I am up to 700+ and that is only because I haven’t written in it in awhile.

Magic Happens

But trust me when I tell you that when your heart is opened, it keeps expanding. Opening further.

More happiness ensues.

You find that what you see are the good things, the things that make you happy…such as yoga, friends, good food, bubble baths, wine, whipped cream, early morning, first cup of coffee, your breath.

See what I mean?

Even the “Bad” things have Gifts

There is nothing like the perspective that time can bring. So bad things happen.

Many more good things happen. It’s true. It is what you are noticing. The happy list provides the tool to move through the difficulty of life.

Friends show up.

Blessings abound…yes even in what seems like the worst of times.

Give it 30 Days

They (who are they, anyway?) say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Try this for 30 days. Write in it once a day for as long as you care to.

Find at least one thing that makes you happy. I think you will find that once you start, it is difficult to stop.

It really is that easy.

Gotta go grab my notebook. See…I’m happy!

A few of my favorite things:

777) early morning tea

778) hugs from my husband

779) the smell of rain

780) the purple of spring

781) my perfect breakfast

782) my happy feet


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