Gut & Mental Health: What’s Fueling Your Energy?…

Gut & Mental Health: What’s Fueling Your Energy?

Emotions are energy; ultimately, we can use this energy to help us or hinder us, but the choice is always yours. Your emotions are formulated by how you interpret all the things around you.

Gaining the ability to observe, understand, and manage feelings as well as having a healthy gut are two major keys to living better. Through the ingestion of disadvantageous information coming through our minds and toxic foods entering our guts, we are setting ourselves up for ‘disaster’ in all areas of our lives. By replacing those with what actually benefits/supports us when entering your mind and gut, we are setting ourselves with a stable foundation and greater clarity to fully enjoy (with less struggle) the experience of our lives as it unfolds. So get curious about what the most beneficial ‘fuels’ to be consumed are.

Using the analogy of a vehicle, we know that the following helps the performance, experience, and life span, if we put the best fuel and oil in the vehicle, how we treat (take care of) it, how we drive it, the roads we choose to travel, the potholes we avoid, not overloading (carrying too much), monitoring all parts, regular maintenance, tune-ups, etc.

With that awareness in the vehicle analogy; where are you with helping your human ‘vehicle’ have a better experience, increase energy, joy, and flow, and maybe even extend your life?

Imagine that you have two major ports of entry that have a profound effect on your life. What are you allowing to get in? What emotions are you not managing? Remember when I say manage, I am saying it with the understanding that we have the choice to help or hinder your energy, your life. You get to choose… Are you on team hinder or on team help? …team proactive or team reactive? Every day, from moment to moment even, ask yourself, what team am I on?

Let curiosity guide YOU to greater awareness, to what’s possible, with more loving, leading, and playing.


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