Guru Purnima 2019

         Today is the day we uphold our teachers manifesting here on earth and those that have passed. It’s also the 50th  reunion of the launch of Apolo 11, and a partial lunar eclipse when the moon moves behind the earth into its shadow. It will be visible in India, yoga’s birthplace.  Mystic Mamma says, “the Capricorn/Cancer axis vibrates on the theme of personal authority, guiding us back to our seat of power.” At this time on earth during the kali yuga, it seems there is a greater divide in the duality that has always existed. Is it possible the lunar part of ourself is taking the backseat as our earthly selves sort some latent trauma and drama out? Is the pull on this moon so strong it is pulling out are own egoic flaws that aren’t in alignment with our soul imprints? Or is the moon in all her glory, shining a light on coming home to what is true in our hearts?

          As an observer, I’ve been reading articles on Parampara and how the Ashtanga lineage is corrupted because of an apparently fallen guru? It’s that Guru’s birthday today. Eleven years ago, I had no idea what any of these esoteric concepts meant, but I drove to an Ashtanga workshop, off the beaten path, unplugged, bewildered by the light of the moon. I learned the Ashtanga practice as it’s taught in the traditional way in the subsequent days. It was the Ashtanga Practice that was therapeutic to my soul, body, and mind and transformed my life into what it is now. There was an eclipse of sorts where my ego and soul adjoined and aligned and converge on an axis catalyzed by daily practice.

        The alleged trauma and drama that are allegedly affiliated with this Ashtanga system are not part of the therapeutic asana practice: the primary and intermediate series. Egoic structures are not part of the therapeutic practice. The egoic structures do not have to influence a sacred practice that is healing people daily.  As yoga is a system of eliminating the six poisons (sloth, anger, greed, envy, desire, and delusion in excess. It’s the associations with negative egoic structures that cause pain and suffering. Everything is capable of becoming blemished over time, less magnified and traumatized, imagined or real, is part of every human’s journey.

         Maty Ezraty, a teacher that passed last week was once interviewed as saying it’s all “just yoga.” Maty, a dedicated practitioner of Ashtanga and Iyengar saw less duality and more merging. A female pioneer that saw both sides and still practiced the big YOGA for all its entire GOODNESS.  As we continue on this journey of duality, how do we continue seeing the purity in yoga without egoic flaws? Mystic Mamma is also quoted as saying, “We are here to discover that DEEPER WELL. It can never be taken away or diminished, it is the primal essence of who we are, reclaiming and tapping that purity of essence. “

      On this day of reflection, every teacher and guide in my consciousness is honored as I remember that I started yoga to remove any trauma in my body and to eliminate excess drama. A tainted system is only less effectual if one agrees to the corrupted idealogy and cares about a history that never affected their own journey. Patanjali’s eight limbs (Ashtanga) were codified in order to bring the true seer or Ishvara (Supreme soul) to light. The purpose of a yoga teacher is to raise the vibration of the planet. The purpose of the practice is to clean out any impurities within ourselves. The objective of Guru Purnima is to remember all the guides who put us exactly where we are now. Let’s keep practicing together as a community, honoring the practice, whatever that means to you, and disregarding and egoic structures that may or may not be relevant to one’s daily sadhana.

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