Third Eye Chakra Stones To Tap Into Your Intuition…

Third Eye Chakra Stones To Tap Into Your Intuition

“Follow your intuition” is a ubiquitous piece of advice that sounds great but is often nearly useless to the receiver if they’re not sure what their intuition is telling them. To me, hearing this advice is like being told, “just smile, and you’ll be happy.” It’s nearly never that simple.

Our intuition is deeply linked with our third eye chakra or our Ajna chakra, and it’s something I’ve been personally working on for a long time. I’m one of those people who needs tons of validation, affirmation, and advice before making any big life decisions (or even choosing what I want for breakfast). I’ve always struggled with trusting myself, and I’ve especially struggled with acting upon instinct, even if I can logically wrap my head around it.

Naturally, as I’ve progressed on my spiritual journey, I’ve been working on getting more connected to my higher knowing. As I’ve worked on my third eye chakra, I’ve started to send less and less “what do you think of this?” type of texts to my friends and group chats. Now our group chats can be dedicated to brunch plans, 10-year goals, and memes (as they should be).

To get a sense of whether your third eye chakra is imbalanced like mine once was, you may notice that you’re distrusting your intuition or feel disconnected from the meaning in your life. You may also feel lost from your path, or your imagination is unfocused or foggy. On the other hand, if your third eye chakra is well-balanced, then you have full trust in your intuition and speak your truth freely. When balanced, you let your inner guidance lead your decisions.

If you think your third eye might be blocked, that simple act of self-awareness is already one step ahead toward realigning this chakra. One of the more in-depth ways to unblock an unbalanced chakra is to leverage crystals that resonate with that particular chakra. In this case, that means working with third eye chakra stones (which are typically shades of purple or indigo).

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10 third eye chakra stones to tap into your intuition

1) Fluorite

“My favorite crystal for working with the third eye chakra is fluorite, an awesome stone for getting your mind clear and enhancing focus. To me, tapping into your intuition is more about accessing the information that’s already inside, than receiving messages. We all have inherent wisdom, but in today’s fast world, we don’t give ourselves enough space to be present and listen to the voice within. I recommend meditating with the stone in a quiet, comfortable place where you can be completely present, and following your thoughts to see where they lead! I love the ‘Marie Kondo’ method for this exercise by asking if the thoughts that come are serving me and releasing them. If not, I’m able to make space for my intuition!” – Dani Sage, modern mystic and owner of the Good Vibes Hive

2) Labradorite

“The most powerful stone for working with intuition has got to be labradorite. This crystal reflects gorgeous blue, green, and purple colors and helps to develop one’s higher connection and tap into sacred wisdom.” – Carrie Pitzulo, founder of ancient magic modern living

3) Moonstone

Otherwise known as a “dream stone,” this magical crystal connects us to our divine inspiration and channels our intuition. This is one of the third eye chakra stones that encourages introspection, which can help us lead to making more mindful decisions with more ease. This gentle awakener is an excellent crystal to use for bedtime.

4) Phenacite

“Phenacite is one of the most powerful crystals for third eye work and activation. The pulsing energy of phenacite is so high it is often felt in the third eye even by those not usually sensitive to the energy of crystals. One way to use phenacite to activate the third eye chakra is by laying down and placing the stone on the center forehead, just above the brow – in alignment with where the pineal gland is in the brain. Then meditate, focusing your energy on the location of the stone and your third eye chakra. Envision raising your frequency to the same energy; the phenacite is vibrating. Many people have used this practice to open portals to interdimensional journeying. Once finished with your meditation, sit up and place the crystal between your hands in prayer. If you feel called to do so, chat ohm and invite in the sound of the universe. Raise your prayer hands still holding the stone to your third eye center and bow in thanks.” Kaycee Mitchell from The Alchemist’s Kitchen

5) Apatite

This magical crystal will help you achieve your goals and manifest your deepest desires. It’s another one of the third eye chakra stones that’s particularly helpful to use during bedtime. This stone will expand your inner knowledge and truth as well as aid in your personal growth over time.

6) Lapis Lazuli

“Lapis lazuli helps to relieve repressed anger and encourages total awareness of the self. It’s the stone of truth, which means that it enhances your ability to honestly express yourself when you’re feeling particularly frustrated and reduce negative thoughts that might be flooding your natural intuition.” – Adina Mahalli, a certified mental health professional and spiritual coach writing

7) Charoite

This high-frequency stone is also highly protective and excellent for lowering anxiety and curbing obsessive thoughts. Out of all the third eye chakra stones to choose from, Charoite is a particularly important stone for healers. Healers can use this stone to connect deeper with source energy and build trust in the universe.

8) Sodalite

“This stone, which is also used for throat chakra balancing, helps to speed up the development of your psychic abilities and intuition. It clears out your third eye and helps you meditate more deeply. Lay down and place sodalite on your forehead while meditating. Since sodalite is also associated with the throat chakra, it’s a good idea to wear it as a necklace on a short chain (so the stone is close to your throat).” – Amber M. Epps, a healer and practicing witch

9) Celestite

This gentle stone is often associated with the third eye chakra, but it also helps stimulate your spiritual gifts and intuition. You can work with this stone to open your third eye as well as connect to higher realms of consciousness. Outside of elevating psychic abilities, this calming stone can also clear and sharpen your mental faculties.

10) Amethyst

“Amethyst, the stone of spirituality, can be a powerful crystal to calm the mind and awaken your soul. This crystal is often used with the third eye chakra to enhance clarity and relieve nerves. When you feel mentally overwhelmed or foggy, amethyst can help your mind to relax and decongest.” – Mahalli

How to use third eye chakra stones

Now that you know some of the most sought-after third eye chakra stones, the question is, how do you use them? My favorite way to use third eye chakra stones is to simply carry them with me. By having one of these stones with me at all times, it helps me to trust my gut throughout the day. I personally use amethyst on the daily. I also spoke to other healers and spiritual experts on innovative, yet accessible, ways to use these third eye chakra stones.

Claire Harrison, an attuned Reiki master, anointed shamanic practitioner, and certified dream interpreter, suggested wearing your stones as jewelry, taking a bath with them, setting up a crystal grid, or creating a gem elixir. For more consistency, Harrison suggests sewing small chips of stones into the hem or binding of clothing or accessories.

Epps proposed trying having a Reiki session that focuses on your third eye, practicing Kundalini yoga, or listening to third eye meditation music.

If you use the stone for meditation, Pitzulo suggests “laying down during meditation and setting a stone on your forehead.” Pitzulo also proposed simply holding a stone and asking for intuitive guidance. “Breathe slowly and deeply and see what comes. Working with stones is very intuitive, so don’t be afraid to follow your own feelings when it comes to choosing them and considering how to use them.”

As you may have noticed, many of the stones mentioned in this article are great to use during bedtime or associated with our dream state. For that reason, I love The Alchemist’s Kitchen’s suggestion of activating third eye chakra stones when you sleep. They suggested you “place the crystal on your nightstand, headboard, or even between your mattress and box spring. Be sure whatever location you choose that the stone is aligned with the general area of your third eye. This allows the crystal’s energy to be surrounding you when you are sleeping.”

If you want to keep it simple, hold one of your third eye chakra stones and repeat an affirmation such as this one offered by Amy Zerner of The Enchanted World. “I see your beauty and your spiritual light. My feelings of love fill me with insight and heal my pain. I am open to my intuitions.”

Regardless of how you use any of these third eye chakra stones, it’s critical to work on your third eye chakra in general. When we’re connected to our intuition and learn to trust ourselves, the decisions that follow will help guide us toward our most authentic purpose and help us live our best lives.

If all else fails, jam out to this 90s hit from Jewel.

“Follow your heart

Your intuition

It will lead you in the right direction

Let go of your mind

Your Intuition

It’s easy to find

Just follow your heart, baby.”


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