5 Reasons To Cleanse Your Aura With Selenite…

5 Reasons To Cleanse Your Aura With Selenite

Your aura is an energetic field that surrounds your body. This field carries your energies, and can pick up on other’s around you. Whether good or bad, your aura should be cleansed daily to prevent unwanted illnesses, emotional distresses, and unnecessary drainage of energy. There are multiple ways to cleanse your aura and space, but cleansing with Selenite brings light and positivity, while vacuuming out the negativity. Selenite is often referred to as liquid light and comes in the form of tumbled stones, wands, harmonizers, pyramids, and towers. Each shape carries a different form to distribute energy, and one can agree with your intentions better than the other.

A selenite wand is magical for performing the ritual of cleansing and recharging your aura field.

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5 Reasons to Use Selenite to Cleanse Your Aura:

  • Selenite is excellent at restoring light, positive energy into your environment. Its energy radiates protection of the heavens’ above and can be used to bring in crystal white light when needed.
  • Selenite is recommended to use around your house when performing cleansing rituals to break up and push out any and all unwanted energy. The same goes for our auras. We need to break up and dispel any energy that is unwanted or that isn’t ours to keep.
  • Selenite brings harmony to the mind and can assist in protection during meditation. As you cleanse your aura you want to feel safe, grounded, and confident to ensure only the highest energy enters.
  • Using a selenite wand as you follow along the aura, you can actually feel your energy changing. It might take some time, but you’ll shortly become attuned to it. If you become attuned enough you can feel your aura field and sense the energy of the crystal within it.
  • Selenite bridges the gap between your physical body and higher self. By cleansing your aura with Selenite, you’re ultimately restoring the physical body. A sound body brings a sound mind, thus projecting a higher vibration for your aura and the world.

You can use any crystal or energy tool to help cleanse and restore your aura, but Selenite has the power to unlock your higher self, vacuum out any negative belief systems, and release all that is not welcome or wanted along your journey.


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