Healing The Pain Of Love With Rose Quartz…

Healing The Pain Of Love With Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz as a spiritual tool to help you heal a broken heart.

Do you really want him/her back? You just think you do. All of us at one time or another has clung to a lost love. Even when we think we have moved forward and let go, sometimes deep within, we have not; we have not dealt with the break on a heartfelt spiritual level and this can hang over us in future relationships. It is important to free the heart from the hurt, pain, and loss of former loves. One way to do this is by working with rose quartz, popularly known as the love stone. It is not only a stone for attracting or deepening love but also for healing the pain of love.

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Select and Cleanse Your Stone

When selecting a stone with which to work with, it is important you select the right stone. You will want a stone that is as pure as possible. Consider the source, previous owners, and how it feels in your hand. One way to select a stone when faced with many stones is to focus, take a breath, relax, and then slowly move your hand over the selection of stones. Follow your hand to the stone that is right for you.

If you are gifted a stone, regardless of how well you know the giver, make sure you cleanse and clear the stone (Also do this if you found or purchased the stone). Cleanse any dirt with a soft brush and water and/or vinegar or soak in salt water overnight. You may also set your stone in the sun for the day. After you have cleansed your stone, hold it near your heart and send love and positive energy into it or send your favorite prayer or blessing.

Begin the Healing Work

Now you are ready to begin the healing work with your stone regarding any love pain or loss. Sit quietly, uninterrupted and release all stress while holding your stone. Allow your focus to go to the heart chakra. Feel the flow of love. Slowly begin to recall the person in the relationship of pain that you wish to heal. Consider this person openly, without judgment. Consider who they were then (during the relationship), why, and whether they have changed, who they are now. This is really important because this is where we tend to get stuck clinging. We are clinging to a memory, not the truth.

Also, ask to be shown the truth about this person and this relationship. It may be immediate or it may take some time for this to surface but it will surface. When you see the truth, you will be freed.

Healing Dreams

Dreams can be a sign that we are not healed. If you suffer from painful dreams due to the relationship, sleep with your rose quartz nearby. Allow your focus to go to the stone, then again allow the heart chakra to begin to open. Affirm that you will rest well. If you were the one who caused the pain in the relationship, now pour out your feelings, your guilt, all that has been stored in the heart. Say it out loud if you can. Speak your heart and your truth to this person, ask their forgiveness, ask the Spirit for forgiveness and most importantly, see who you have become and forgive yourself.

Regardless of who caused the pain, it is important to understand that we cannot screw up that which is destined to be. Working with rose quartz in addition to the healing powers of the heart and Spirit will help you to see and accept this. If the relationship was over it is because there were lessons to be learned, it may have been karmic or it was simply a physical involvement which had no place on your spiritual path. Either way, let them go. You are not the same person and neither are they and you both deserve to move on. Trust in the journey, trust in fate, and trust in the Spirit to bring you to your perfect mate.

The rose quartz cannot do the work for you but it will work as a tool to help you open to the path of healing. Work with it daily or weekly as a tool through the Spirit until you begin to experience relief and can begin to feel love again. Love heals all pain, even the pain of love.


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