Transform Your Home Into A Sacred Space With Healing Crystals…

Transform Your Home Into A Sacred Space With Healing Crystals

Most of us turn to crystals when we need to shift the energy in our body, mind, or spirit. But did you also know that crystals for the home can be used to shift the energy in your environment? Knowing how to use crystals for the home to positively affect the flow of energy in the rooms of your house is the key to creating a positive living space for yourself and your loved ones. For each area of the home, I’ve suggested a few stones for you to add so you can transform your home into sacred space.

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Living Room

This is the space where we restore our vital energy after a long day. Using stimulating, energizing stones here is a great way to recharge and rejuvenate yourself.

  • Carnelian: Adds invigorating energy to the space
  • Red Jasper: Grounds the energy in the space so that you may utilize it day-to-day

Dining Room

The dining room is where we gather with friends and family for sharing and exchange not just of food, but also of wisdom. The dining room is often seen as corresponding with the knowledge area of our lives.

  • Chrysocolla: Gives you access to knowledge from ancient cultures
  • Azurite: Provides intuitive knowledge


This is an intimate space for love (either love for the self, or of that shared with a partner). It’s a space to feel nurtured and it corresponds to relationships.

  • Rhodochrosite: Creates a passionate energy environment
  • Pink Calcite: Fills the space with soft, nurturing energy


The bathroom is strongly connected with water and with the idea of cleansing and renewal and is strongly linked to the career aspect of our lives.

  • Black Onyx: Helps to manifest your ideal career
  • Sodalite: Reveals the best career for you (i.e. that which is for your highest good)


Hallways are places of movement and change. They are also the space where we greet guests. Hallways correspond to the ‘helpful people’ aspect of our lives.


This is likely the space where you work from home, pay your bills, etc. For this reason, the office is connected with wealth.

  • Bloodstone: Grounds prosperity energy so that you can use it in a practical way
  • Dragonstone: Aids in motivation and creativity as it relates to finances


The kitchen acts as a gathering place for family. It’s here that we share time together over meals and discuss the events of the day. It’s where we come together, so it’s representative of the family aspect of our lives.

  • Green Aventurine: Promotes harmony in groups
  • Peridot: Clears negativity after family arguments/disputes


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