Romancing The Stones: Love And Gemstones…

Romancing The Stones: Love And Gemstones


With February being the “month of love” a lot of attention falls on our relationships. Relationships are a constant work in progress, a continuous journey, but the end results of our efforts are very much a work of art. Below, you will find three crystals to help expand and guide you and your significant other as you journey hand-in-hand onward in this vast expanse called life.

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With its shimmery emerald green swirls, Malachite is a beautiful stone that is connected to the Heart Chakra.  It is an excellent choice for transformations, as it heals on both a physical and emotional levels. It absorbs negative energy, transmuting it into a positive, healing one. It encourages healthy relationships based on love, not need, and encourages the expression of feelings.

Orange and Red Carnelian

This bold member of the Chalcedony family is great for rekindling passions in your relationship. It is great for communication, as it opens the doors of clarity, allowing the user to clearly express what is in their heart. It is a wonderful guard against jealousy, envy, and other negative emotions.


This lovely, blue-green stone is excellent for forgiveness. It also aids in expressing compassion. Its energy allows for you to see what is or isn’t serving you in your life. It also allows you to see into the dynamics of your relationship and help make positive adjustments where needed and is a powerful healer of emotions.

Having these crystals near you and your loved one will help keep the bonds of love strong. You can place them on your bedside table, in your car, on your person, or anywhere you and your love spend time. Just having their energy close will do wonders for your mood and environment. There are so many more wonderful crystals out there that aid in developing and enriching your relationships.  Do some research and find what feels best for you. Definitely, you will know it when you see it! Happy romancing!


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Nichole Capley

Nichole Capley is a mother of two, contributor and moderator of the Facebook page Positive Inspirations and crystal lover. She stays busy writing Holistic articles, reading, and strives to encourage others to a more positive lifestyle.

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