The Top 5 Myths Of St. Patrick’s (And How To Improve Your Luck)…

The Top 5 Myths Of St. Patrick’s (And How To Improve Your Luck)

Everyone loves to celebrate St. Patrick’s day…probably because it’s an excuse to go out and let loose. And not that the partying isn’t fun, but haven’t you always wondered why people celebrate in the first place?

It turns out St. Patrick was a pretty interesting guy, but he’s mostly misunderstood these days.

Here are a few facts you might not have heard or known about his life and all the unique customs celebrated for his special day.

1) St. Patrick isn’t Irish. Actually, at the age of 16, Patrick was kidnapped from Roman Britain (the Romans controlled Britain at this time) and sold into slavery in Ireland. There he tended sheep. At 22, he had a mystical dream in which God told him to escape to the coast and take a boat back to Britain. Once there, he became a priest.

2) He converted Ireland. After spending some time as a priest, he decided to return to Ireland in order to help those in need. He felt it was a test to be of service to a people that had enslaved him. He converted nearly the entire island.

3) He made the three leaf clover popular. The reason why the 3 leaf clover is so popular this day is because he used it to explain the Holy Trinity.

4) The drinking custom isn’t what you think. St. Patrick would probably not be too happy to see so many people drinking on his supposed remembrance day! But like all mythologies and practices, there is an interesting aspect of truth to this drinking custom — and it comes from an interesting story. One day in Ireland, Patrick went into an Inn to get a drink of whiskey (water was always difficult to drink because it was unclean, so alcohol was used as a substitute). But the innkeeper poured a smaller amount than it should be. Patrick then called over the innkeeper and told him there was a devil in his cellar that feasted upon his dishonesty. In order to destroy the devil, he’d have to change his selfish ways. Of course, coming from someone like Patrick, the innkeeper must have been pretty shocked! After some time, Patrick returned to find the man being very generous with his portions. So Patrick claimed the demon was emaciated and banished it. Long ago, this holiday was dry and solemn.

5) He revealed his flaws. A true saint is humble in all ways. Feeling overwhelmed by his popularity, St. Patrick wrote a confessional book in order to showcase his humanity. It can be read here.

Luck of the Irish: how to attract good fortune

Part of the charm of St. Patrick’s day isn’t just the fun…it’s also the interesting lore surrounding it. For instance, everyone has heard the phrase ‘luck of the Irish’ and associates it with the four leaf clover. Unfortunately, the origin of this phrase is pretty much unknown, but the Irish are indeed fortunate people. They are loved by everyone around the world and have a very unique culture.

But how is it that we can bring in some of that good luck ourselves?

Luck is something we can cultivate and create within…but there are aids we can use to help us along that journey. Increasing your magnetism is the key to good fortune, which is associated with vibrations. So it follows that high vibrational stones can help us increase that energy.

Here are a few that are great for that:

  1. African Jade – Jade creates a soothing energy and helps to relieve irritability and negativity.
  2. Blue Lace Agate – Provides calm, serene vibrations
  3. MalachiteMalachite is a powerful metaphysical stone. Often called the ‘stone of transformation’ it’s used for energy cleaning, and bringing healing and positive transformation to the wearer.
  4. Green AventurineKnown as the ‘stone of opportunity’, this green stone is from the quartz family and considered the luckiest crystal of all. Brings optimism and excitement for life.
  5.  Rose QuartzKnown as the love stone, Rose Quartz helps to heal the heart and provide space for self-love.
  6. Tiger Eye – This is the stone of clarity, and it brings a certain element of insight and focus to ourselves and dealings with others.
  7. Carnelian – One of the luckiest stones, Carnelian brings courage and creativity while helping to eliminate fear.
  8. Rhodonite – The perfect stone for self-love and empowerment. Rhodonite also encourages forgiveness of ourselves and others.
  9. Citrine – Citrine is actually known as the merchant stone because it promotes confidence, prosperity, and to open the mind. Many merchants in India carry Citrine with them.
  10. Aventurine – The stone of luck. Energizes independence, creative visualization, and emotional balance.
  11. ShungiteGreat for repelling negative energy and attracting positive energy, and also balances the root chakra. Great stone to attract more abundance into your life.


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