5 Ways To Use Crystals For Spiritual Growth…

5 Ways To Use Crystals For Spiritual Growth

Crystals can be used to push your spiritual growth to the next level.

Spiritual growth is a beautiful, never-ending process; when one stage finishes, the new opens. When I was at the crossroad of my life, crystals helped me immensely. I remember hanging out with my friends when I noticed a stone on my friend’s necklace. I asked her what this beautiful stone was and she told me it was Moonstone. She explained to me how these beautiful gemstones are like me and you, each one is unique and exudes specific energy.

She also told me that they choose you, and one that comes to you is showing you exactly where you need to grow spiritually. When I heard that, I became lit up and curious about which crystal was going to choose me.

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My experience

At that time, I was feeling very down and I was having low levels of energy. I was trying to figure out my life, had mixed ideas in my head, and I was planning to travel. When I got into a crystal shop and looked at the box with crystals, three of them pulled my attention. They were Red Coral, Malachite and Tiger Eye.

When the shop keeper explained to me that Red Coral helps you to remove sluggishness, unblock your root chakra and brings back your energy levels, I understood that they indeed chose me. Malachite was helping me with my heart chakra, spiritual growth, and ‘chose’ to protect me while traveling. Tiger eye came to show me the way of being balanced and how to bring my ideas into reality.

Every crystal has its energy, is connected to a specific chakra, and helps you with particular issues. They can uplift, balance and calm you. So, how do you use them for spiritual growth? Here is the step-by-step guide.

1) Get a crystal

Look at the crystals, tune into your intuition, and let them “choose” you. If you are purchasing a crystal online, look at the pictures of them. You will feel an intense desire for the specific stone. That’s the one who is calling you so go for it. Never doubt in that.

2) Find out the message

Inform yourself about each crystal. It holds the exact message where you need to grow spiritually. It’s telling you which chakra needs your attention and balance, and where in life you need to grow. For example, Malachite came to me to help me balance my heart chakra. It has shown me that I need to transform myself. With its help, I was removing toxic people from my life and I started looking more deeply in aspects of spirituality.

3) Bond with your new friend

In this step, you need to create a relationship with the crystal. Learn how to take care of it, how to cleanse and charge it. Spend time with it. Understand the crystal and master feeling it. This is important because when you learn to feel it, you will know when the healing process is finished. You will know how to listen to its messages.

Did you know spiritual growth can amplified by using crystals?

4) Use it in the process of spiritual growth

Hold your crystal while you are meditating. Include it in your rituals. Keep it by yourself when you are journaling and reflecting on your thoughts and feelings. Dance with it. Use it for healing baths. Say your affirmations to your crystal friend. Ask a question, be calm, and wait for the answer to appear in your mind.

The most common mistake people do is that they buy a crystal and put it somewhere expecting that crystal will do everything for them. Well, they are helpers, not doers. The more you use it and include it in your spiritual practices, the more it will help you. As a result, your spiritual growth and transformation will happen much faster than without the crystal.

5) Move on

When you have learned your lessons, and when the needed transformation has happened, you will feel the change in your relationship with a particular crystal. The three crystals I have mentioned before have ‘finished’ with me after three months of practicing with them. I didn’t feel any urge to wear or use them. I knew that they had done the work.

But as I have said at the beginning, spiritual growth is a never-ending process. So, I have gone back to stage one. Being chosen by new crystals and having insights where I need to grow spiritually next. The next one was Amazonite, calling me to grow in my creativity.

Your personal collection

You will have your collection, and in one moment you may feel that you don’t need new stones. I am at this stage right now, having 16 different crystals; honoring the cycles and listening to my friends. Therefore I am coming back to crystals as they call upon me.

A few days ago, I had the urge to start using Amethyst again, and great spiritual lessons and insights came to me. Amethyst helped me to transmute some emotional trauma from the past. I know that in the future, I will have more crystal friends in my collection. The key is in listening to your intuition and them.

Growing spiritually with the help of crystal friends is much more comfortable. They are helping you as they collect negative energy from you. You clean them, and they are ready to empower you with the positive energy they exude. Crystals will always show you where you need to grow, even if you don’t realize at that moment. Just listen to them, and you will never be mistaken.

I am so happy that they have entered my life. I even gifted some to my family members. I use them as a perfect present for friends, and I recommend them to all people. I hope they will enter your life too, and make your spiritual growth easier.

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