Improve Your Focus And Concentration Using These 4 Crystals…

Improve Your Focus And Concentration Using These 4 Crystals

We all hit creativity blocks and find ourselves restless at our desks while working. When we begin to lose focus and concentration more often, it starts to impact our performance. Knowing how to improve your energy and productivity with crystals is a great addition to any mindfulness practice.

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The Best Crystals for Focus and Concentration

Using crystals is one way you can generate positive energy and make the hours fly by with restored motivation and clarity. Here are four of the best crystals for improving focus and concentration:

1. Fluorite

Fluorite crystals bring order to chaos. They stabilize thoughts and emotions to bring peace and clarity while also protecting you from further negative thoughts and energy. Using fluorite crystals results in a calmer mind that easily deals with stressful situations. Having a pointed fluorite crystal helps because points create a central location for energy to gather and intensify.

2. Malachite

Malachite is a balanced crystal. It balances your body and mind so they work together in harmony. With its stunning appearance, malachite brings beauty to your space and improves your decision-making skills. Using malachite, you can consider decisions carefully from a calmer mind.

3. Clear Quartz

Clear quartz takes on the energy you impart into it through its transparent surface. When you feel particularly productive, meditate with the intent to channel productivity into your clear quartz, so you have it when inspiration and creativity are hard to find. Clear quartz surface quality ranges from clear, to murky, to opaque. For channeling energy into your clear quartz, the entire crystal doesn’t have to be clear. Clear spots highlight clarity and emphasize focus during meditation.

4. Tiger’s Eye

This striped crystal filters out distractions. If you find yourself sneaking peeks at your phone or opening too many tabs, this is the crystal for you.

Tiger’s eye also promotes increased feelings of self-worth and confidence in your abilities. Meditating with this crystal may improve your luck and unblock creativity.

Tips For Using Crystals

Simply having the crystal and meditating with it doesn’t allow you to gain all the benefits a crystal offers. There are some things you can do to keep your crystal and energy charged. Follow these four tips to get the most out of your crystal:

1. Add Crystals to a Mindfulness Practice

Having a mindfulness practice in addition to using crystals also helps get the most out of your crystals. Examples of mindfulness exercises include deep breathing, meditating, walking and writing. Taking breaks for a mindfulness practice decreases stress, protects against burnout and increases overall health. In addition, there are other productivity exercises that improve concentration — like breathing, drinking water and making games or challenges out of your assignments.

2. Use More Than One

When you combine crystals with others, you receive added benefits. Combine fluorite with tiger’s eye for decreased distraction. Or, use malachite and fluorite for thorough decision-making.

3. Wear Your Crystals or Carry Them With You

Crystals work even when placed on your desk while you work. Take that energy with you wherever you go and wear your crystals or carry them with you. Keeping them close creates a stronger connection. Wear them with jewelry — as a bracelet or a necklace. If you don’t want to show them off, keep them in your wallet or pocket.

4. Recharge Your Crystals

Crystals become drained of energy, too. To keep crystals charged, remember to cleanse and recharge them. Set them out in direct sunlight or moonlight. Then, meditate over them to reset and recharge them.

Gaining a Better Energy

Try using crystals to stimulate your mind and regain energy. With crystals, we get back to peace and clarity in our work and lives.


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