Here’s How To Create A Crystal Grid In Your Home…

Here’s How To Create A Crystal Grid In Your Home

Gemstones aren’t just beautiful looking, they have a purpose! They hold unique energies from the earth. These energies can be transferred to people or environments. Placing certain crystals in the home in a grid-like pattern can create a force field of energy that helps to amplify the healing properties of each stone.

What you need:

4 pieces of clear quartz
4 pieces of smokey quartz
8 small selenite wands
1 amethyst or rose quartz

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Step 1:

Clean your entire home from top to bottom and smudge every room. This will clear out any energetic blocks and make room for the new energy you’re trying to bring in.

Step 2:

Next, charge your crystals by leaving them out on a Full Moon or midday under the sun.

Step 3:

Place the smoky quartz in the four corners of your home. If your home is not a square shape, you can also place the stones north, south, east, and west. These will help absorb negative energy.

Step 4:

Clear quartz absorbs energy, and if it has a pointed end it will channel that energy out that side. Place the pointed end towards the smoky quartz so it can absorb everything. This will help channel negative energy into the black stone.

Step 5:

Now we have to create the outside of the grid. Place two selenite wands along the border of your home or along window ledges parallel to each smoky quartz. This should be a like a square pattern. The corners are the black stones and the sides are made by two selenite wands.

If you have a large house, feel free to use more than two selenite wands. If you have a lot of walls in the way, use your best judgment and place them as best you can.

Step 6:

Using either amethyst or rose quartz, place one stone in the center of your house. This central stone will hold the energetic focus for what you want to create in your home. You can change out the stone depending on what type of energy you want to bring into your home. Research different types of stones and find the qualities that really resonate with you.

Voila! Your crystal grid is created and activated!

Once a month be sure to cleanse your gemstones, particularly the smoky quartz which is absorbing that negative energy.


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