Do You Even Crystal, Bro? The Top 6 Gemstones For Guys…

Do You Even Crystal, Bro? The Top 6 Gemstones For Guys

Everyone knows that men and women are wired to think and behave in different ways — so, therefore, it stands to reason crystals will resonate differently for each gender. Unfortunately, men are typically overlooked when it comes to crystals in favor of addressing women’s needs. But that stops today!

This small list will help any guy get started on his crystal healing journey.

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1) Epidote

To open the heart (typically an area most men keep closed off), a crystal known as Epidote is great to use. That doesn’t mean “love,” but it does mean opening up to possibilities of life purpose and career. It’s all about coming from a different perspective.

2) Green Tourmaline

The most important stone for men, hands down, is Green Tourmaline. It helps men find confidence, inner strength, and willpower. Green Tourmaline provides strong assistance to overcoming emotional blockages.

3) Tiger’s Eye

Men are rigid and get stuck in their ways very easily. Just from my own experience, once I get on a routine I don’t want to get off it very often! Tiger’s Eye helps with this. Tiger’s Eye helps you to shift into being more open to going about a situation in a creative and out of a box way. It also increases your willpower and motivation to make manifesting your goals and abundance much easier.

4) Malachite

For many men, attracting love is something just out of reach. This is because they come from a more logical side of things. And while Rose Quartz could be recommended for women seeking love, Malachite is best for men. Malachite provides men with a bit of “tough love” to create an incentive for transformation.

5) Jasper

Earth energy can actually help men bring their energy to a better place. After all, being grounded is a cornerstone of masculinity. To this end, Jasper gemstones can make all the difference. This is especially important when going through stressful times.

6) Pyrite

Men are frequently thought of as the breadwinners and therefore can feel pressured about making money. Pyrite helps by inviting the energy of wealth, prosperity, and abundance, guiding you in the right direction for proper financial decisions.


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