7 Healing Crystals To Connect With Your Feminine Energy…

7 Healing Crystals To Connect With Your Feminine Energy

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If you’ve been considering using some crystals, these are the most popular ones that you can opt for:

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1. Amethyst

This stone represents calmness and stability and inner peace. If you want to bring happiness and improve your intuition, then amethyst is the right stone for you. When it comes to physical well-being, it can help you sleep better, soothe your headaches and assist in the function of the pineal gland. Other benefits include increasing psychic abilities and providing contentment. Also, it’s a great stone for meditation. You’ll recognize it by its unique purple color, and women who struggle with menstrual cramps can use amethyst to clear their mind during the period.

Close up of amethyst stone

2. Desert rose

If you’ve ever thought you might need some extra motivation to complete all the things you deemed difficult, then the desert stone is the one to look for. Known as the crystal of possibilities, it also enhances team spirit, love, and collaboration. If you’re trying to figure out the purpose in your life, this stone is definitely a good aid to have by your side. Aside from this, it’s also great for teeth and bones. People who suffer from epilepsy can also find certain benefits in having a desert rose in their lives. Women who tend to be pillars of their own families and societies, on the whole, can use this stone as a helping tool to keep their families together.

Raw desert rose stone sitting on black

3. Amber

This crystal is known for its great healing powers, especially when in hands of women. If you’re a woman who’s a bit quick-tempered, then amber will surely help your emotional stability. It’s known as a self-healing crystal, so all the women who suffer from delusional thoughts are more than welcome to use it as extra support during the recovery. Amber colors range from yellow and orange to light brown. It’s easy to find all over the world, even though its origins are from the Baltic region and Scandinavia.

Amber stones against a blue wooden background

4. Moonstone

This blue-white gemstone carries incredible spiritual energy and because of its connection to the moon energy, it’s great for balancing the female cycle. Besides this, it can help with water retention, improve digestion and eliminate toxins from one’s body. Because it’s deeply connected with fertility, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, it’s clear why this gem is considered the ultimate female gemstone. And even if you don’t feel like carrying it everywhere, you can get yourself a small moonstone ring that will protect you wherever you are!

Close up of a moonstone gemstone

5. Jasper

Jasper is known as the nurturing stone so it’s no wonder that mothers-to-be are drawn to it. Its main healing property is helping women who have been abused and traumatized. Another great quality of jasper is that it can effortlessly de-stress those who are going through difficult times. Also, actors and actresses use Jasper when they wish to bring more luck into their careers. If you want to bring more stability and creativity into your life, feel free to use Jasper as your main guiding crystal. It comes in many colors, so choosing the one for yourself shouldn’t be difficult!

Small red jasper gemstone on grey stone background

6. Citrine

For all the ladies out there who want to embrace their leadership qualities, this crystal is for you! Its qualities are increasing creativity and wealth. In case you’re struggling to maintain your self-confidence, personal power, and personal boundaries, then having citrine on you can help you a lot. It’s mostly found in Brazil, France, Russia, Spain, Zambia, and Uruguay. You can wear it as an elegant brooch or as a part of a statement necklace. Next time you feel like infusing your soul with happiness, treat yourself with a citrine crystal!

Raw citrine against white background

7. Rose quartz

For those struggling to embrace self-love as the ultimate concept, rose quartz crystal is the one to look for. This one will help you bring more positivity to your life, improve your emotional balance and increase your self-esteem. Rose quartz gemstone will definitely bring you mindfulness and help you learn to love yourself and those around you. This baby pink crystal boasts healing properties related to skin regeneration and heart diseases. You can also use it as a sleeping aid and if you’re suffering from chest and lung problems, make sure to use rose quartz as your healing guide.

There are many crystals around, so before you choose some, make sure to identify your issues and goals first. After some research, you’ll surely find crystals that will get you your female energy back!


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