Healing Bracelets: Can They Cure Gaming Addiction?…

Healing Bracelets: Can They Cure Gaming Addiction?

The gaming industry shows solid growth. The new-age entertainment is filled with innovative technologies such as 3D and virtual reality. While video games and casino activities can be a great way to relax for many people, a problem of addiction casts a shadow over having fun. Since gaming addiction is relatively new, there are not many treatment programs and mainstream medicine can appear to be helpless. Among various alternative approaches, including yoga and mindfulness, recovery jewelry stands out as the easiest one to try.

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Recovery jewelry types

Recovery jewelry is designed for curing pain or addictive behavior. Magnetic bracelets are really popular, as therapists claim they can influence a magnetic field of the body, relieving painful feelings. There’s also an alternative science of lithotherapy which spreads the belief that gemstone bracelets have a positive impact on human’s body and mind owing to colors, enzyme reactions, and piezoelectricity. The final option is bracelets with engraved quotes which have the placebo effect.

There aren’t scientific proofs of the curing effect of recovery jewelry, but it is widely used for various purposes, including addiction treatment.

It’s important to realize whether the problem is temporary or chronic. It’s also better to identify the core reason for the addictive behavior: there are people who dive into gaming because of painful relationships or other negative circumstances. Blogger Katie Wager names personal loss, stress, and debt as the main causes of problem gambling. Knowing the reason, it’s easier to define a healing focus.

Gemstones for healing bracelets

According to lithotherapists and geologists, each gemstone has its own natural features and abilities. Some minerals can hold down negative energy, deal with stress, or boost creativity. Different gems may be useful for gaming addicts. Here’s the list of gems typically used in bracelets:

  • Amethyst: It is a protection gem which balances the inner energy and creates the bubble of light around the owner. By using it, you can remove negative influence and rethink your life.
  • Citrine: It boosts the willpower and enhances the clarity of thoughts. It can help deal with addictions because of increasing self-confidence.
  • Fluorite: Similarly to Amethyst, it cleans the mental environment from negative thoughts.
  • Malachite: It is a vitality mineral that focuses on physical health and better tissue repair.
  • Rose Quartz: Probably this is the best gem for gaming addicts as it relieves stress, tension, and manages anger.
  • Sodalite: It can heavily boost mental performance, including concentration and intuition.

You can combine some of the listed minerals to create a unique piece of jewelry with a personal touch. It’s better to consult with lithotherapists to choose a perfect bracelet.

Inspirational quotes

Along with gems, healing bracelets may be decorated with motivational text. Engraved quotes act as a personal therapist that reminds us of important things to believe in. It is said that the very first recovery jewelry of this type was King Solomon’s ring with phrases ‘This shall pass’ and ‘This too shall pass’. Here some of the examples of quotes used in healing bracelets:

  • ‘It always seems impossible until it’s done.’
  • ‘I’m not telling you it is going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.’
  • ‘It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.’

You can find a lot of recovery jewelry on Etsy, but there are also a lot of engraving workshops where you can place any text on your bracelet. Note that they can hardly cure a strong addiction without any other help.

Ways to deal with gaming addiction

The first step to is to accept the fact of addiction. Without the strong desire to recover, nothing can help get rid of it. Regardless of the exact addiction, it’s essential to admit the challenge before fighting it. Here are some of the steps recommended for gamblers and video gamers:

  • Find support in a trusted friend
  • Block the access to games to physically stop the bad habit
  • Hand over control of finances to facilitate the recovery
  • Stay busy
  • Cooperate with other addicts and share your experience

It’s crucial to be aware of your mental state and consult a therapist. After the World Health Organization classified gaming addiction as a serious mental health condition, a lot of treatment centers and therapy techniques appeared to address the need for dealing with problematic behavior. There is a wide range of options nowadays, and people can try different types of personal counseling.

Final word

Despite the fact that healing bracelets haven’t been officially proven, recovery jewelry may help fight addictions. Gamers have a lot of options, including magnets, gemstones, and inspirational quotes. Combining traditional methods with alternative treatments is probably the best approach to beat addictions.


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