5 Gemstones To Help You Through The Day…

5 Gemstones To Help You Through The Day

Gemstones have always fascinated me. I’ve always felt drawn to the energy of particular stones at specific moments in my life and they have often been a source of comfort and inspiration. In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but I’ve found that carrying gemstones in my pocket helps to bring some order to the chaos. Here are just five which seldom leave my side.

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Citrine: Shining Light when things Look Dark

I rarely leave my house without a citrine crystal bracelet on my left wrist. Often associated with warmth, citrine is also a source of clarity and creativity – handy for a writer and poet – as well as giving great comfort. Citrine lets you establish goals and, importantly, gives you the sense of clarity to reach those goals. And with its vibrant color, it can help you show you the way forward if you feel lost during the day. As a naturally effective cleansing stone, citrine also allows you to clear negative energy from the other stones you might have with you, ensuring that they are always working at their optimum potential.

Tiger’s Eye: Showing the Way Forward with Confidence

On my other wrist, I always have a tiger’s eye bracelet. Combined with the citrine bracelet opposite, tiger’s eye has always helped me when I’ve found my confidence slipping away – more often than I care to admit! As someone who lives with anxiety, tiger’s eye has time and again, helped me ground myself in the present when my mind is starting to race. In fact, the day I purchased the bracelet I have now was particularly challenging but I definitely felt a lot calmer once it was safely on my wrist. Tiger’s eye is also great for focus and willpower. So if you have an important meeting or a deadline looming, I’d recommend keeping this stone close by to help you stay on the path to success.

Amethyst: Keeping You Safe and Inspired

Modern life is stressful, there’s no doubt about that. With its beautiful purple hue and ability to calm negative thoughts, it’s easy to see why amethyst is such a popular gemstone worldwide. Being linked to the crown chakra, amethyst helps clear your mind of stress brought on by the demands of work. It also allows your intuition to flow freely, giving you the clarity and confidence to make potentially challenging decisions. I’ve also found amethyst to be a source of inspiration, keeping away doubt and bringing forward enthusiasm.

Lapis lazuli: Opening the Door to Creativity and Tranquility

With its deep blue color, lapis lazuli often conjures up thoughts of the ocean or water. Naturally, feelings of peace and relaxation come with that image; perfect for when you just need to calm your mind for a few minutes. Lapis lazuli also helps me personally rediscover my creative spark when it’s not exactly at its strongest. It lets the words flow like a river and articulate powerful emotions, while also offering guidance of a spiritual nature. Even if you don’t see yourself as a ‘creative’ person as such, lapis lazuli can still help you slow down during the rapid stream of pressures that modern living can bring.

Bloodstone: Repairing and Recovering from Major Events

Life isn’t always a smooth ride. Sometimes, events simply get on top of us and we need some recovery time. Bloodstone can be a comforting and powerful source of support for these periods. While it might not be the brightest gemstone out there, bloodstone has the ability to help you feel secure and confident in the face of change or emotional upheaval. And it can be especially helpful for the moments when life is too much to handle. Similarly, when you just need a bit of encouragement or motivation, reach out for the bloodstone and focus on the task at hand. You might just surprise yourself!

Choosing Your Own Gemstones for Daily Life

Everyone is different and so the gemstones you choose will be unique to the areas in your life that you need the most support with. Next time you pass your local spiritual shop, take some time around the gemstones and see which one(s), if any, call out to you. Let them guide you through the stresses of living in a turbulent world.


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