5 Ways Empaths Can Use Gemstones For Protection And Release…

5 Ways Empaths Can Use Gemstones For Protection And Release


Forged in extreme temperatures and pressures over millions of years, many gemstones have been literally worshiped since the dawn of civilization and the discovery of metallurgy. Moreover, they have been used as a source of healing for just as long. Kings and other royals traversed the earth searching for these highly-prized stones, often handing them down for generations in their family lineage.

And particularly in India, the origin of spirituality, there was a strong emphasis on using stones to overcome energetic deficiencies. Using gemstones can be great for anyone, particularly those who seem to take on a lot from others. Empaths hear this a lot: “Sorry for dumping all my baggage on you!”

As highly sensitive people, empaths are emotionally, and at times physically, affected by the energy of those around them. While that gives these individuals a deep sense of compassion and understanding, it also leaves them feeling emotionally depleted from the high’s and low’s of a day’s interactions

These techniques for empaths will allow you to purify, balance, and restore your energy.

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Open Your Heart and Heal the Soul

Empaths often feel much more deeply in the heart center than other people. This is why sometimes their heart feels a bit drained or unbalanced. To get that energy back up, use rhodonite. Known as the “rescue stone” rhodonite opens the heart to accepting others and helps calm any fiery energy. If you’re experiencing heartache from relationships, this gentle (but powerful) gemstone is a crucial part of your energetic arsenal. Rose quartz also works well when worn close to the chest.

Boost Your Intuition

Since ancient times, it’s been well known that the point between the eyebrows controls intuition. This place is key for spiritual development and tapping into our inner wisdom. But when emotions take over, intuition becomes clouded. To balance this chakra point, use lapis lazuli, amethyst, and clear quartz. This will help by unblocking the energy at this point. From there you will be able to create a deeper connection to intuition in your meditations.

Enhance Spiritual Growth

To find true healing, we must experience a spiritual awakening because it creates a flow energy throughout the energy centers. This, in turn, allows us to open our minds to higher states of consciousness. These are the beginning stages of opening the crown chakra, the energy center on the top of the head. To help facilitate this, use violet colored stones. Meditate with dark violet or lavender crystals such as lepidolite to unblock the crown chakra.

Rock Your Yoga Practice with Chakra Cleansing

Yoga is amazing for healing on just about every level: physical, mental, and spiritual. That’s why it’s so good to combine with gemstones! During your yoga practice, place a variety of stones around your mat, such as clear quartz crystal, aventurine, yellow jasper, and angelite.

The Chakra Opening Ritual

This is a simple but powerful ritual that helps to open the chakras.

  1. Sage your space and cleanse your gemstones by laying them in the sun.
  2. Every morning, place a few chakra healing bracelets of your choice on your left wrist (the receptive side of your body).
  3.  Use it as a reminder to be mindful of the subtle but powerful changes you want to make in your life.
  4. Meditate before you go to bed to clear your mind so you can have the deepest sleep possible.
  5. Place grounding stones, such as hematite or obsidian, near your head as you sleep.


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