9 Elegant Ways To Include Crystals In Your Home…

9 Elegant Ways To Include Crystals In Your Home

The crystal trend has grown in popularity lately, especially when it comes to home decor focused on elegance and functionality. Crystals have the power to transform the energy and mood of an entire space because of the natural life force of earth they emit and carry inside of them. They are also used in feng shui in a variety of ways in an effort to bring good energy into a home. Give your home an energy makeover with crystals.

People have used crystals for centuries for all sorts of purposes – everything from healing, and protection to comfort. There are many different types of crystals, and all of them emit different feelings, although some of them have similarities. Not to mention, a good crystal arrangement can balance the aesthetic and overall function of the rooms in your home. Carefully research what you bring into your home and where to put it, as there are many types of crystals out there. Rose quartz is popular because it attracts love and romance but also helps heal a broken heart. Black tourmaline and hematite protect, and citrine helps to heal self-esteem issues, while also attracting wealth and abundance.

The strong attraction people have to crystals is initially related to their inherent beauty, but it’s really their strong positive vibes that attract our minds and souls to them.

Read on for nine elegant ways to include crystals in your home.

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Crystal Coasters

Add a touch of selenite to your living room to soften and heal your environment. Its angelic vibe is calm and sweet, and it’s one of the most beautiful crystals you can find. Instill peace and tranquility in your living room with something like selenite coasters.

Gemstone Garden

Create a gemstone garden – or cluster – in your bathroom to clarify and cleanse your mind. This also supports self-love and confidence, and what better location than in the bathroom where you spend the most time worried about your appearance? Cleanse yourself from negative toxins, and set up a gemstone garden on your bathroom counter.

Add to Your Plants

Black tourmaline is good for any part of your home, especially near the front door or entryway. Protect your loved ones and ward off anything negative from the outside world by hiding crystals in potted plants or flowers in the front of your home.

Crystal Bookends

Put a pair of amethyst bookends in your home office on your desk – the place where you do most of your thinking. Amethyst crystal promotes a clear mind and focus, so naturally, it makes the most sense to place amethyst where you do your work. Plus, everyone could use bookends in an office.

Crystal Cabinet Knobs

Calcite is a great addition to any kitchen – generally one of the warmest and friendliest places in any home. Add elegant crystal hardware to your cabinets to your cabinets by replacing your kitchen cabinet knobs with orange or yellow calcite knobs to energize, nourish and cleanse the environment. Calcite comes in many colors so you can choose what works best for your color palette.

Crystal Wall Art

The amethyst crystal is one of the most popular because it is affordable and beautiful. Its deep intense purple color makes this the perfect elegant addition to any home. Use crystals as framed wall art or cluster them together on a floating shelf. This will purify any space of negative vibrations and calm any excessive emotions that may be in the room.

Crystal Mobile

Rose quartz is best in the bedroom and is used for self-love, while also emitting a soft, nourishing energy – great if you have children. Its pink color brings about feelings of love, joy, and selflessness but is also very comforting. Generate a soothing feeling for your children, and place a crystal mobile in their bedroom. Put rose quartz in your own bedroom next to a candle to ignite romance into your own life.


Put sunstone next to your computer in your office to increase success, mental clarity, and your leadership abilities. Try a sunstone paperweight to help aid in your inevitable work stress, while also promoting your mental development.

Place Crystals by Your Pet’s Bed

Healing crystals are not only great for you, but they’re also beneficial for your pets. Try lithium quartz if your pet seems depressed or down. Place the crystal near your pet’s bed for the best effects. This will comfort them and send positive vibes their way. Crystals are magic, and they bring clarity and focus to your mind and your life. They are relaxing, spiritual, nourishing, comforting, and have the power to heal. Explore the variety of crystals available out there, then strategically place your favorite ones around your home to create a better environment for yourself and your family!


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