4 Crystals To Protect You From EMFs…

4 Crystals To Protect You From EMFs

I recently received a message from my electric company that alerted me about EMFs, Electric and Magnetic ‘Fields’ or ‘Frequencies’, as it’s referred to in the holistic health community. I was shocked because up until that point, EMFs seemed like some new-age mumbo jumbo. This is Southern California Edison, with a  whole section of their website dedicated to discussing the potentially harmful effects of EMFs! While this may be new news to the medical community (or electric companies), this is something us lightworkers have known for a very long time.

Things like electrical sockets, computers, televisions, tablets (iPads) and cell phones all emit a current of EMFs, which, over time, can have harmful effects on the body and mind. Prolonged exposure to EMFs may cause symptoms including headaches, anxiety, suicide, depression, nausea, fatigue, loss of libido and more. The truth is, we don’t know enough about EMFs and much more research needs to be done on the topic. However, if you’re one of those people who can feel the effects of EMFs after sitting near a computer, holding a phone or watching TV for an extended period of time; or if you simply want to boost your own protective field and shield yourself from EMFs, these crystals are for you.

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This powerful dark-colored mineral is actually used in radiation shielding so you can imagine the protective effects! The story goes that soldiers in Ancient Rome used hematite in their armor because it looked intimidating and was very protective. Mainly made of iron, this grounding stone can be set close to your workstation for protection or even by your bed for better sleep.


Orgonite is a super fascinating material. It was created by Wilhelm Reich in the 20th century but modified and tweaked by Karl Hans Welz many years later. It’s made with layers of organic materials, iron sheets, and polyester resin. Orgonite is a combination of many metal particles suspended in resin. When resin dries, it puts pressure on the crystals and metals, charging them and also making them more powerful. As we all know, when pressure is put on carbon, a diamond is what can manifest. This is a great protector and good to have in your workspace.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is considered one of the most protective crystals, period. It’s used widely for protection against EMFs and is incredibly energetically grounding. This absorbent stone shields your body and heals your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It’s also known to transmute negative energy to positive energy!


This powerful stone is said to be 2 billion years old and has been used throughout the ages in the healing arts. The properties of this ancient stone are said to absorb and eliminate anything that is hazardous to human health! It’s made up of 98 percent carbon and transforms negative energies and thoughts. Shungite shields us from harmful electromagnetic frequencies and boosts energy. Furthermore, it contains Fullerene molecules, which act as a strong, long-acting antioxidant.

Do you have a favorite protective stone? Share it in the comments below!


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Bess O'Connor


Bess O’Connor has been in the Holistic Health field for over a decade and worked as a Healing Arts Practitioner…

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