5 Crystals You Need For The Home…

5 Crystals You Need For The Home

Crystals for the home are a brilliant way approach to adding a sense of ease and cool bohemian style into a room, but it’s important to consider their other uses as well. These will really help you out!

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Crystals for the Bedroom: Rose Quartz

To help facilitate a deeper love between you and your partner, bring in the power of Rose Quartz! This stone helps opens us up to vulnerability and love in the relationship. It’s the stone for rediscovering self-love as well, which is key to expanding any relationship. If you want to find deeper empathy, forgiveness, and lowered stress, this is your stone. Selenite under the bed or pillow is also great for restful sleep and sweet dreams. This crystal of “liquid light” maintains an energetically light frequency.

Crystals for the Kitchen: Carnelian

Cooking can be hard work! Carnelian works great for the kitchen because it brings confidence, motivation, creativity, and increases stamina. For the table, place a Clear Quartz in the center. It’s especially beautiful if you use a pointed version because any light that hits it transforms the space into a rainbow-infused room.

Crystals for the Kid’s Room: Celestite

This is a must-have for hyperactive kids! Celestite has a calming energy. It also helps with bad dreams by helping your kid get to sleep easier. Celestite’s energy is a rainbow of happiness that will inspire good thoughts, happy dreams and more sleep-filled nights for you!

Blue Lace Agate on the nightstand by the bed also brings tranquil energies to relieve any stress, nervousness or anxiety.

Crystals for the Office: Shungite

One of the most important things to consider when organizing your desk is the EMF (electromagnetic fields) your computer gives off. If you are routinely exposed to them and sensitive to their effects, you could experience the following:

  • Sleep disturbances and fatigue related to nervous system issues
  • Consistently foggy thinking
  • Different types of cancer: certain cancer clusters have been linked to high exposure to EMFs

To protect against this interference, use a Shungite stone. This stone comes from Russia and can absorb EMF radiation put out by electronic devices. It also helps connect you with the root chakra.

Crystals for the Living Room: Amethyst

To soothe any family meetings, use Amethyst. It will generate a relaxing, protective space. It absorbs negative energy and emits positive energy. It’s one of those crystals that can’t go wrong in any room of the house!


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