5 Essential Crystals For Focus And Clarity…

5 Essential Crystals For Focus And Clarity


When you’re absent-minded, you lose your filter. For better communication, you should work with amazonite. It will help you communicate with authenticity and sensitivity, and soothe your energy before you say something you didn’t mean.

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When life gets crazy and it feels like your emotions have a negative cloud over them, force yourself to reach for a malachite stone. It will help you see what decisions are positive and which are not for the best. Instead of going into that funk, amplify your positive energy and personal transformation with this powerful stone.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz can be programmed with any energy you’d like it to carry. This is great for anyone finding it hard to concentrate and manifest their dreams because it forces you to repeat just one resolution over and over.


If your head is about to fly off into the clouds, bring it back down to earth with hematite. Meditating with this stone will reset your mind. It allows you to ditch excess thoughts, negativity, or bad energy and root yourself in determined actions.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a great way to increase your clarity and concentration while maintaining a positive train of thought. It helps dissolve anxiety and stress while reinforcing your increased focus. Using this stone will help protect you against illogical stress that can popup when your mind is overwhelmed.

Use these crystals for focus in addition to your mindful practices. Take them out into nature, and let yourself just be with them. Breathe and soak in the energy of the moment. Try meditating with crystals in the morning for 3 minutes or 11 minutes. Then approach your day trying to stay conscious of each action. Be aware of every person you come into contact with, and try to impart some loving kindness on them. Remind yourself to be grateful for every moment that you have. These stones can be the tools that you need to establish a mindful routine. When you make crystal mindfulness a part of your everyday life, it can not only improve your day, through dedication, it can benefit your entire life.


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