Using Crystals To Cleanse And Re-Energize Your Chakras…

Using Crystals To Cleanse And Re-Energize Your Chakras

Crystals have been a widely utilized method of healing and treatment for over 5,00 years, since the ancient Egyptians began embedding stones into their armor and jewelry to offer protection and fortune. Today, crystals are used in much of the same fashion, decorating bracelets and pendants, but the real intrigue behind crystals is their ability to offer health and wellness.

Though the use of crystals for healing is considered pseudoscience, it is still highly practiced in many forms of treatment today like acupuncture, massage and anxiety relief. Crystals are most often used, however, in the cleansing and alignment of your chakras, the power and energy centers of the body. There are many benefits to having clear chakras in this bustling world where stress, strife and anxiety are lurking behind every corner. In a world that moves so chaotically fast and is continually heading toward progress, the need for alternative healing is becoming even greater.

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How Crystals Work

There are many different types of stones and crystals that can be used to expel negative energy and replace it with positive energy. There are crystals that specialize in focus and clarity, there are stones designated for the chakras, and gems that are purely decorative. Regardless of the stone, any crystal that you have energized with your body, mind and soul can be used in the healing process, even if only psychologically.

The most important stones used in the process of aligning the chakras are crystals made for cleansing and re-energizing the body. This includes stones like clear quartz, selenite and optical calcite for cleansing; and citrine, amethyst and tourmaline for energy. It is also important to remember that your crystals act as vessels for energy. Vessels, like people, can become empty and lose their full strength. Be sure to charge your crystals afterwards by cleansing and energizing them as well as yourself. You can do this by lacing them in the sunlight or moonlight, as well as water. Allowing negative energy to sit in your stone can cause dulling and cracking.

Choosing the Right Crystals

Selecting the right stones can be the most challenging aspect of using crystals for healing purposes. Especially for the purpose of aligning and cleansing your chakras, as chakras are highly sensitive and can easily be tainted by negative energy. In my experience, crystals that have been found on earth tend to do the best job. I enjoy going gemstone hunting after every winter, when new stones have been unearthed and are more easily spotted. These crystals also tend to have more powerful properties because they have lived in the soil for so long.

In general, there are seven crystals that have been “assigned” to each chakra to help balance the energy they disperse. Here is a quick breakdown:

  • Root Chakra – Red stones like garnet, onyx and red jasper
  • Sacral Chakra – Orange stones like carnelian and orange zincite
  • Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow stones like citrine and yellow sapphire
  • Heart Chakra – Green or pink stones like rose quartz and green tourmaline
  • Throat Chakra – Blue stones like turquoise and aqua or blue lace agate
  • Third Eye Chakra – Indigo stones like lapis lazuli and sodalite
  • Crown Chakra – Purple or clear stones like amethyst and clear quartz

It’s important to remember that this is merely a guide for beginning crystal healers. The power of the crystal comes from the energy put into it, so feel free to choose crystals from your collection that you know and feel will do a better job in the chakra zone than the assigned stone. For example, a stone like the opal, which is typically used for digestive health, can be substituted for the sacral chakra stone and placed near the digestive tract.

Learning to Cleanse

Whenever I tell someone that I will be doing a chakra cleanse, I get the infamous eye roll of nonbelief. Many people believe crystal healing is a hoax, nothing more than hippy-dippy nonsense. But in reality, crystal healing has brought me closer to my spirit than any other type of healing I have experienced. Cleansing your chakras means more than just lying crystals on your back and breathing slowly. Cleansing your body means ridding your physical form of negative energy, ridding your mental form of stress and anxiety, and ridding your spiritual form of bad karma.

After I have had my chakras cleansed and revitalized, I end up transferring that feeling of freshness into my home. I get all my cleaning done and begin organizing my space to feel as fresh as one does waking up to the spring dew. My entire life becomes as energized as my body and my world turns from stressful to pure. I even incorporate my newly transformed crystals into my spring decorating, placing them around the house, on end tables and on bookshelves to continue uplifting the life of my home.

Benefits of Clean Chakras

The benefits of having your chakras cleansed are tremendous. The most obvious benefits of chakra therapy come from your mental health. Chakras move from the root to the crown, from the powerhouse to satellite as I like to say. The crown chakra, located on the top of your head, is extremely important in the balance of your mind against the world.

Many things can cause your crown chakra to become distressed, from drug use or abuse, to alcohol ingestion or the lack of vitamin D. Substances like marijuana, nicotine and sugar can cause your crown chakra to become clouded, affecting your mental health and your ability to thrive in your current state. Cleansing these clouded chakras can help transition your current state of unhealthiness to a state of purity.

Similar to the crown chakra representing your mind, the sacral and solar plexus chakra translate pain and discomfort from your digestive tract, so keeping this home cleansed can help alleviate the everyday pain that comes from food, drink and poor posture. Crystals may be an underestimated form of healing therapy, but they can certainly apply as a spiritual cleanser for individuals closest to their chi. The impact of a healthy mentality on your life is huge. A clean mind and body can bring you more joy and comfort than you might think, so be sure to prioritize your health and have your chakras cleansed and re-energized as soon as you can.


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