6 Crystals To Connect With Your Divine Feminine Energy…

6 Crystals To Connect With Your Divine Feminine Energy

In the yogic tradition, the divine feminine energy is the yin, lunar, shakti, or passive energy every human, regardless of gender, has within them. Every human also has opposing masculine (also known as solar, yang, shiva, or active) energy, too. Our modern culture values masculine energy, the energy of producing and going and doing over the feminine. If we’re not careful, the masculine can start to take over.

While of course, we need both energies in order to survive in the modern world, I truly believe that the world be a better, more peaceful place if more people allowed their feminine energy to flow. Feminine energy is the energy of being, of self-love, compassion, intuition, and flow. Imagine the radical revolution if more people moved from this space. Use the crystals below to tap into this feminine energy that resides within you. Shift your energy, and the collective energy of the world will begin to shift, too.

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How to Use Your Crystals

There are so many ways to use your crystals, and I recommend experimenting with all of them to see what feels most powerful to you. Some great ways are:

  • Meditate with them
  • Create a crystal grid to amplify the energy
  • Charge them in water under the full moon and drink the water
  • Incorporate into your yoga practice
  • Put them in your bath
  • Place them around your home in different spaces
  • Wear them in jewelry to carry their energy throughout the day


Labradorite is one of my favorite crystals, because it’s all about intuition and self-discovery. What could be more divinely feminine than that? It also raises your consciousness and brings universal harmony, creating a shift within yourself that causes a ripple effect into the world.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a healing stone associated with the heart chakra and compassionate, peaceful feminine energy. It reawakens your heart to love, reminding you of your capacity to both give and receive unconditional love from yourself, other beings, and the Universe.


Selenite is known as a goddess crystal that helps you access your inner goddess and communicate more clearly with your highest self. It’s actually named after the Greek word for the moon, selene, helping you remove energy blockages in your body and connect with your shakti energy.


Like its name suggests, moonstone is the perfect crystal for tapping into lunar energy. This crystal helps you connect with your intuition and create a space of sacred peace, flow, and harmony within.


Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of abundance, and you can channel her manifesting power with peridot. This crystal brings good fortune and allows you to surrender and receive your desires from the Universe, rather than push until you make them happen for you.


This stone is different than the others on this list because it is known for merging and balancing the feminine and masculine energies within you. This stone helps you harness both, to be a fierce warrior firmly grounded in femininity, intuition, and above all, love. Wishing you abundance, flow, and connection on your journey of connecting to your inner shakti energy.


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