Find The Right Crystals For Your Astrological Sign With This Mini Guide…

Find The Right Crystals For Your Astrological Sign With This Mini Guide


This little guide will help you take your horoscope to a new level! Use your astrological sign below to find a gemstone that works for your stars. But as always, use your intuition! Sometimes we are attracted to certain stones for a reason.

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Carnelian – Enhances your inner voice and counteracts doubt and negativity

Citrine – Increases clarity of thought and assists in manifesting your dreams

Garnet – Moves energy throughout the body and enhances strength and endurance


Aquamarine – Offers insights into underlying emotional states and feelings

Chrysocolla – Soothes heartaches and aides in expressing emotions

Amethyst – Calms and rejuvenates the spirit


Yellow Jasper – heal old wounds

Amethyst – connect the mind, body, and spirit

Aquamarine – supports ideas of community, sisterhood/brotherhood and universal truth


Garnet – revitalizing stone that brings serenity by extracting negative energy from the chakras

Peridot – cleanses and stimulates the heart to encourage openness

Azurite – stimulates the pursuit of the heavenly Self


Bronzite – serves as a catalyst for change

Citrine – reconnects you to your roots

Turquoise – enhances your natural intuition


Citrine – brings feelings of light, joy, and happiness

Malachite – brings transformation and facilitates emotional healing

Amethyst – clears the aura and opens the crown chakra to bring peace


Lapis Lazuli – supports solid decision making

Citrine – stimulates optimism and balances the yin and yang energies within you

Labradorite – clears and protects your aura


Kyanite – aligns all the chakras to create balance

Red Jasper – supreme nurturer that grounds and stabilizes you

Jade – brings abundance and prosperity, helps you to get back in touch with nature


Garnet – ignites passion and power

Tiger’s Eye – combines energies of the sun and earth to assist in your soul’s evolution

Carnelian – assists with creativity and personal power


Moonstone – aligns you with the moon

Red Jasper – enhances your endurance and stamina

Abalone Shell – connects you with the tides and emotions of the sea


Jade – transmutes negativity and facilitates peace within the physical, emotional, and intellectual body.

Rutilated Quartz – connects you with your highest spiritual guidance

Carnelian – supports creativity, personal power, and joy


Peridot – a stone of positive power, it helps you to find the courage to go after your heart’s desire

Carnelian – energizes your life force, confidence, and passion

Pyrite – bestows blessings and abundance


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