Here’s How Crystal Acupuncture Works…

Here’s How Crystal Acupuncture Works

When I was only 7 years old, I was already very psychic and drawn to as many rocks and pebbles that I could find on pathways, by rivers and sometimes hidden under the earth where I felt to dig and find a treasure!

Crystal Acupuncture is more powerful that regular acupuncture where steel needles are poked into the skin and then electrodes are hooked to the needle to give you impulses along the meridian. When the treatment is finished, you feel better for a day or two! But why does it not last very long? The answer is because it does not help you transform your emotions and mentality in order to dump learned programming that is harmful for you. So unless you meditate and work using other various healing techniques, your malady will return.

Crystal Acupuncture and all my other crystal therapies carry worldwide Service Marks (SM). This is to protect what is an amazing therapy from being misused and also to ensure that students complete the seven levels of education that this treatment requires in order to become a Crystal Acupuncture Therapist.

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How does it Work?

Each natural stone is originally cooled from gases into rock forms, whether a mountain or a boulder or a gem such as a diamond. Each rock formation is different since the facets of the way the gases are cooled vary immensely. No two pieces of rock are the same, which is why some will pick up a stone and say they feel nothing while others feel a lot of energy moving around their body.

What happens is simple: your own energy moves between the atoms of the stone, bouncing around and finally being forced out of the stone in a stream of energy that is moving at the speed of light.

What Do You Do?

Acupoints are like pores on your body and in reality, you cannot miss one. Traditional acupuncturists learn to use various meridians listed as the liver, spleen, heart, lung, and gallbladder. These are all physical points. In Crystal Acupuncture, I have found the meridians to be minutely close to one another and in my research I have found hundreds of various meridians that run throughout the skin, deeper tissues and bones, which also includes the nervous system and glandular systems in various types relative to their production of secretions.

A healer’s hand generates energy which, when passed through the crystal stone, forces compressed energy to find its way around molecules of various compounds in the stone. This amplifies the healer’s energy which, in turn, shoots out at the point and passes not only along the meridians of the body but also disperses energy from the five bodies that make up the human or animal aura.


Find a stone cut to a point. It does not matter how many sides with the point, but usually, they are made into at least 6 sides. Yes, the more sides a stone has, the more powerful a crystal becomes. Holding the point on the skin beside bones and ligaments will send energy to not only the whole physical body, but throughout the Etheric Body (Emotions), Spirit Body, (Your coding and purpose for life) and Your Higher Mind Body (Spiritual wisdom) and Soul body, (love from The Oneness).

In one treatment, these five bodies will align and you will dump history by crying, breathing and meditating during treatment. You will enter a light hypnotic state where you can reprogram yourself to be positive, minus the negative blocks that have been dispersed by the energy of the healer, now amplified to clear your debris away.


These circular vortices of energy suck all energy from the five bodies into a whirlpool where it rotates at great speed, forcing energy back and forth from front to back and vice versa, as well as from feet to head and back down. Energy is then passed from one Chakra to another in movements up to the brain and then back down to the feet. During this time, all organs of the physical body will begin to rejuvenate. Healing occurs in minutes and sometimes in days. Serious illnesses will take more time as emotional and mental ideas about the self are cleared.

There are seven major Chakras which control your health by the way they rotate. If they are weak, you will become ill in time. (Note Teragram Therapy can assist and prevent this happening.)

The Brain

You brain stores everything you have ever done in folders, as it were. Each folder is cross-referenced and in this way are united in beliefs and memories that are recalled relative to a current happening. So, if you see a computer and think of a cat, you may wonder why, since you have not seen one lately. Something you are looking at, for example, reads the word ‘box’ and without knowing you are recalling a lost memory from a time when you saw a kitten in a box which you wanted to take home and the emotion you had when you had to leave it behind. Sitting at your computer, you are trying to remind yourself that you feel unsupported and perhaps unloved like the kitten you had long forgotten.

Everyone is Different

No two brains have the same associations and recall, even in twins. Their ideas about being in the womb together is unique, but their Soul Structure Coding that develops into personality and character is absolutely variable in many ways. Twins often agree and then completely disagree. From this example, we can see that the billions of people on this planet are all very different in the way they process what they see, hear, feel, touch, look at, and smell and taste. This explains why we have controversy in the way we come together to share. If we did not have conflict, we would not aspire to be greater. I talk about this in my book The Rejection Syndrome.


In every cell within the physical body is a little story about how you coped with life. If you have a negative point of view, then you will have dumped a reminder of an event into several cells around your body. This is what I call a pattern of discernment in which you become aware that something is hurting, aching etc. At the same time, you awaken to an emotional sense of not being very happy.

With that happening, you respond to your environment, trying to fit in. As the cells and the rest of your body interact to get you from point A to B, you are repeating patterns that were mostly made when you were under five years old. The levels of pain and suffering you experienced as a child are then piled upon that base until one day you realize you feel terribly out of sorts. You need healing and since you were told as a child that doctors have the miracle pill, you will trust medical doctors to cut your body and prescribe pills with side effects that are supposed to save your life.

Crystal Acupuncture & Teragram Therapy

The combination of these two healing methods will prevent radical treatments. Over the years, I have cured myself of Parkinson’s disease, and others of MS, MD, heart problems, cancer, and so much more which is shown in my books: Breakthrough Therapies: Crystal Acupuncture & Teragram Therapy and The Book of Crystal Acupuncture & Teragram Therapy Diagrams where you can, with the aid of your own crystals, heal yourself. The more you treat yourself, the more old history will come up and with your own form of meditations, you can dump those ideas since they are out of date.

Here is my example: I was born a healer. By five years old, I sat on people’s laps and knowingly got hot while watching their auras go from dark greens, red and yellow to sparkling abalone colors. Then, I knew I could run and play until someone else picked me up. In those days this was my way of healing. Now, when I am next to someone who is in need of help, I get really hot and instantly know what is wrong with them.

I am also admitting that somewhere inside myself is a long lost thought or emotion that is assisting me to identify the symptom of my client so I can assist them to let go, while at the same time letting go of deep emotions that I had long forgotten. One such event that recently occurred taught me to not have to protect myself from people’s criticism. Now I work to share without expectation of having to explain myself anymore.

Can You Treat Yourself?

The answer is yes, absolutely! There are many shops selling cut crystals. Go there and feel the stones. Put the point on the tip of your finger, and wait and see what you feel. If you feel some energy moving anywhere in your body, then that crystal is the one for you that day. Use it as often as you can until you no longer feel changes. Then put it aside and find another crystal. Yes, you will outgrow the one you have worked with. In time you will collect many crystal stones.

Your sacred crystals should be washed in antibacterial soap and kept in a special place where they will not bang against one another and break. It could be some time before you need to use the first crystal again. When that happens, you will be penetrating another level of history that needs to be eliminated. This is like peeling an onion. When you get to the core, the onion no longer exists and you are healed.


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Margaret Rogers Van Coops


Professor of Integrated and Alternative Medicine – CFE Ordained Minister – Universal Christ Church Hynotherapist – HMI Creator of PowerStone…

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