When Should I Cleanse My Healing Crystals?…

When Should I Cleanse My Healing Crystals?

If you are using your crystals for any kind of healing work or meditation, you should cleanse your crystals after every session. If you carry your crystals or sleep with them (I put mine in a little pouch and put it in my pillowcase), then your intuition should tell you when to cleanse them. I usually cleanse the ones I carry or keep near my bed once a week. You will notice the difference after you have worked with your crystals, they become a little duller in color, or don’t quite have the luster and feel they should. Any stones that are around you or on you in a highly stressful situation or environment will need cleaning more often. Your stones are powerful tools, and they need maintenance to do their jobs. You want to be able to rely on them when you need them.

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White Sage

I believe the best method to cleanse crystals quickly is with white sage. These can be obtained online from ceremonial herbs stores. My favorite is Taos Herb Co., where I get the White Sage Smudge Sticks. They are the easiest way to cleanse a lot of stones very fast. I have crystals everywhere in my house, my office, bedroom, and around my computers, and the smudge stick can be carried around – all you have to do is pass the stone through the smoke. This is a technique passed down to me by my elders in Oklahoma.

White Sage can be used to cleanse, not just only your stones, but your entire home, and if I have visitors, I cleanse the house after they leave to clear any residual emotional or spiritual residue.

Lunar Bath

There are several other methods used to cleanse crystals. Crystals can be set out in the sun, moonlight or rain to cleanse them. Crystals love a Lunar bath in the moonlight during the full moon. I do this every month, and especially during those months when we have two full moons in one month. I do not put mine in the sun, as many crystals lose their color in the sun. Moonlight will not harm any crystals and they get a full cleansing and recharge from the moon.

If you have a lot of crystals this can be a chore, so I keep a tray of the ones I use the most in my healing work, and they get the full moon bath, even if I don’t have the time to put all of them out. Be sure to cover your stones if they are outside in the sun during the day with a towel or cloth. This way you can keep them outside for the full 3 days, of the full moon cycle.


Rainwater is another great way to cleanse your stones. Again, some crystals dissolve in water, like Selenite, so look them up first. I put an empty bucket outside when it rains and bring it inside and dip my crystals in it and quickly dry them, so I don’t have to worry about this. Lapis, Malachite and Sodalite can lose their coating so I don’t put them in water at all. Some say they should be in the water a certain length of time, and put in hot and cold, but I believe they do a lot better with a quick dip in rainwater at room temperature. I would not put any kind of crystal in cold water if it’s hot or vice versa because they would crack.

Sea Salt

Sea salt is another way people cleanse stones. I’ve heard various ways to do sea salt cleansing, like leaving them in the salt or mix the salt with water. To me, sea salt is very drying and some crystals could be damaged by salt, so I don’t use salt at all.

Burying in the Ground

My least favorite way to cleanse crystals is to bury them in the ground. Why? I buried one, and never saw it again. Earth is the best way to do a really thorough job of cleansing and restoring the crystal energies again, but use a container if you want to keep it. Crystals came from the earth and it is where they belong, it’s only natural that they long to go back underground. A crystal that has really been used a lot and is just exhausted needs to be in the soil for about a month or longer. There have been a few crystals that were broken, either by accident or came that way, and they always get put back in the earth to heal.

Whenever I get a new crystal or buy some to put in inventory for customers, the first stop is in the rainwater. After that, they go through the normal rotation like the rest. I have mine in trays so I can take the trays out and bring them in, instead of one crystal at a time. Putting them on a windowsill that gets the moonlight is good too. If you want to let them be outside and it’s raining you can cover the container with plastic wrap too.

All these methods work. The most important thing is that you do them with the intention of cleansing them. Everything you do with healing and energy work is done with intention. I cleanse and program my crystals with the intention that all of them are activated and filled with love and light of Spirit to support spiritual growth and healing efforts.


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