A Beginner’s Guide To Crystal Energy…

A Beginner’s Guide To Crystal Energy


When I decided to move to the West Coast of the country, a lot changed for me. One of the main things that I noticed was the number of gems and crystals in this area. I also noticed that people were feeling gems and getting strong energy from them. I had heard about using crystals before, but I was never as exposed to it as I am here in Colorado. That is when I decided to learn more about them. There is a lot of information to learn, but here is a basic beginner’s guide to understanding the power that crystals have.

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The Crystals Should Feel Right

When choosing the right crystal for you, the rule of thumb, as simple as it is, should be to get the crystals that feel right for you. What does this mean? A crystal can be beautiful to you or it can be unique. If you are simply drawn to the color or the way it looks, it is probably calling to you. If you hold the crystal and you begin to feel something, be it energy or heat, it is calling to you somehow. You may have an immediate connection with the crystal and if this is the case, you should take that crystal home with you. Crystals have a strong power to them. They have the power to heal and change.

When buying a crystal, it is important to keep many things in mind. When you pick up the crystal, does it give off heat? Does it stick to your hand? Do you feel a vibration or a small pulse? Do you feel positive energy from it? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, that is the crystal for you to take home. This crystal has found you and you can begin to use it for its healing powers.

What Crystals To Buy

For those who are well-educated in crystals, there are a few that have become very popular. Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Black Tourmaline have become universal crystals for those who are just beginning to use them. These crystals all have healing powers and can take the negative energies out of our lives and turn them into positive energies.

Clear Quartz

This crystal seems to be the universal crystal for beginners. For collectors, they will generally give a clear quartz to their friends who are just entering the world of healing through crystals. Clear quartz helps to enhance the personal energy of the wearer. It helps to protect the wearer from the negative energy around them and protects them from energies that could cause them illness or harm. This is considered the universal crystal because it is used to help to cleanse and recharge all of the other crystals that are often worn.


The beautiful purples that people are drawn to make amethyst one of the most popular crystals used. It gives the wearer spiritual protection and balance. It is often used in meditation and has been known to help with developing a person’s intuition. When looking to help with addiction problems or headaches, amethyst is the first choice. For artists that are struggling with their creativity, amethyst is the stone that can help them get through their creative drought.

Rose Quartz

This beautiful pink stone is well-known for the loving powers that it gives off. This is the stone of love, but more crystal experts see it as self-love, self-esteem, and acceptance of one’s true self. Rose quartz also helps to ward off any resentment that the wearer has in their lives that has built up over time. This stone brings strength to the heart.


Citrine can be found in many colors, and it is a stone that many are drawn to because of its vibrant colors. It is said that any business owner who displays citrine in their store will have great success with money and in life. This stone is known as the success stone to most crystal wearers. Citrine is attractive to many wearers. It helps to increase the imagination and creativity in artistic people.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a very mysterious stone. It is worn by many to protect them from any negative energy. This stone will help turn negative energy into positive energy. It helps to balance each chakra in the body and offers great protection to the wearer. When you are in a state of forgetfulness, holding the black tourmaline will help you to recollect your thoughts.

All of these crystals have great power to heal and protect. Many people will use them in meditation and Reiki. Once you have started to use them, you can learn more about other stones and develop a crystal regiment that will heal and protect you.


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