It’s All About The Crystal Healing…

It’s All About The Crystal Healing

It's amazing how powerful healing crystals can be in our lives!

My fascination with crystals and stones started when my spiritual awakening began. It simply started with the beauty of these stones, their color and sparkle they each carry. And when I learned these “rocks” shared healing properties I couldn’t wait to explore. As I started to fuse crystals into my life and my household, I started to notice a change with my energy and the energy in our home.

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So, WHAT is crystal healing all about and is it beneficial?

Crystal healing is a technique using vibrational energy-based healing in which the individual stones and crystals communicate (or entrain) with the energy flow of a human to help realign the energy channels which are being interrupted. This, in turn, helps to heal itself. To give a more scientific answer (for all my logical thinkers, #THATSME) the electromagnetic charge within each crystal and stone offers healing vibrations as they each work to remove blockages around the body and restore a natural flow of energy. There are sooooo many amazing benefits of these healing sessions: First and foremost, you will find yourself in a deeply relaxed state. For many of us who might find it difficult to slow down, or struggle with anxiety and/or depression, the relaxation these sessions provide can be hugely beneficial. Secondly, it releases any blockages or imbalances in our energetic (and sometimes physical) fields. Who doesn’t need to let go of any crap holding them back at times?!? And lastly (but of course, not all), it elevates your consciousness to a higher self.

Still don’t believe crystals are beneficial?

You still don’t believe crystals are beneficial? Maybe you need some scientific evidence to back it up? One of the most common crystals we use in everyday life (and may not even realize) is clear quartz. It’s used in many of our electronic devices, such as LCD screens, microchips, and even rockets and missiles! It was recently discovered that quartz has the ability to store data for up to three million years!

I highly recommend the documentary, Crystal Visions which discusses Marcel Vogel’s research into the healing properties of crystals. You’ll first learn a bit about the mythology behind crystals and then more about the healing effect crystals can have on humans, most notably on their energy field. Their work is based on proof provided by a computer that is connected to test patients and it measures the change in their aura when crystals are placed on them.

What’s involved in a crystal healing session?

A crystal healing session is a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating re-alignment of energetic frequencies helping to remove emotional blocks, healing, and spiritual growth. The crystals and stones promote health via physical and energetic crystal entrainment. It usually involves a focus on the seven main chakras, looking for any imbalances and using the crystals to entrain with your frequency, helping to restore the natural energy flow.

Is CRYSTAL HEALING right for me?

The answer is YES but you must have an open mind. You must realize, just like any other healing treatment, it doesn’t work overnight. Go into your session with no set expectations or misguided preconceptions and be ready to experience whatever may occur. It’s an amazing way to relieve stress and possibly discover more about YOU!

What should I do between crystal healing session(s)?

Maintenance is important between your crystal healing sessions. After your session, you’ll be provided with a maintenance plan. A few things that I LOVE to do between healing sessions; wearing my crystals, placing crystals in my rooms specifically where I sleep and work, making gem elixirs (please note, some crystals are toxic and should never be used to make a gem elixir in which you ingest), and by far my favorite thing is to create a sacred space in which I meditate in.


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