New Moon Crystal Ritual With Black Moonstone…

New Moon Crystal Ritual With Black Moonstone

Crystal ball ritual with candles

The new moon is a time to plant the seeds for those things that you wish to create or manifest. This is the time to make plans and stay present in the moment. Make time for yourself and what’s most important to you. What better way to do this than through a new moon crystal ritual?

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Supplies you’ll need

  • A journal or some paper
  • A pen or pencil
  • Space clearing supplies like Sage, Palo Santo, or a Selenite Wand
  • A black candle to represent the dark of the new moon
  • A Black Moonstone to connect you to the new moon energy
  • A Rhodonite, Golden Tiger’s Eye, or Rainbow Moonstone (optional)
  • Some relaxing music (optional)
  • Incense, especially Rose (optional)

Step by step new moon crystal ritual

  1. Gather all of the supplies you’ll need to perform this ritual well in advance.
  2. Start the ritual by going to your sacred space and taking a moment to ground and center yourself.
  3. Perform your favorite space clearing method to clear the energy in your space. Also take a moment to cleanse your stones and yourself using whatever method you prefer (smudging, sound, etc.).
  4. Light some incense and play some soft music to help get you centered and aligned with spirit (optional).
  5. Light your black candle make yourself comfortable.
  6. Focus on the candle flame. Allow your eyes to go in and out of focus and let your gaze soften. Pick up your Black Moonstone and close your eyes.
  7. Bring your attention to the upcoming lunar cycle and begin to think about what’s in store for you during this time. If you need some additional support as you create this new beginning for yourself, you may choose to hold your Rhodonite stone.
  8. Take a deep breath in and slowly exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. With each breath, you become more present in this moment.
  9. Ask yourself what is most important for you to work toward during the upcoming lunar cycle. Ask the universe, your guides, or your higher self for clarity about your intention. Think about what it is that you’d most like to call into your life during this new moon for the upcoming lunar cycle. If you need help finding clarity about what you’re meant to be doing, you may wish to hold your Golden Tiger’s Eye stone. Don’t yet worry about how you’ll accomplish this. Just be open to whatever ideas flow to you from the universe.
  10. Stay in meditation for as long as you like while you allow any guidance, symbols, messages, or feelings to enter your mind and offer inspiration for your new moon intentions.
  11. When you’re ready, take a few deep breaths in and out. Then slowly open your eyes and set down your crystals.
  12. Write down everything that came through about your intention during your new moon meditation. You can also include drawings or doodles of any images or symbols you experienced.
  13. Take a few minutes to interpret these messages, feelings, and symbols as they relate to your intention and goals. What is the universe trying to tell you about the direction you should take? Write your intention in your journal.
  14. Now condense this information into a concise intention statement and write it down on your paper or in your journal. If you need help, hold your Golden Tiger’s Eye stone for a moment or two for some clarity and guidance.
  15. Once you have your intention statement written down, pick up your Black Moonstone and take a few deep breaths in and out.
  16. Close your eyes and visualize yourself taking action and moving toward your goal. See yourself accomplishing what you’ve put forward in your intention. Feel in your body, mind, and spirit the way you will feel when your intention has been realized. What will your life look like and feel like once you’ve manifested this?
  17. If you’re having trouble with this, you may choose to hold a piece of Rainbow Moonstone. This will help you overcome any obstacles or blocks that may be holding you back from fully visualizing your success. Visualize your intention coming to pass in as much detail as possible.
  18. Set your stones down next to you and take a moment to journal about how you feel about your new moon intention.
  19. Next, create an action plan for your intention by brainstorming a bullet point list of all the steps that will move you closer to this goal. What actions will you need to take to manifest this goal? You may not know precisely how to achieve your goal quite yet, so this doesn’t have to be a complete list of every step that needs to be taken. However, it should be enough to get you started. Don’t judge things as you write them down. Instead, let your creativity flow and just get things down on paper. You can revise this list as you begin taking action on these steps during the next lunar phase. The new moon is all about planning for the actions you will take in the future, so there’s no need to eliminate ideas before you even begin.
  20. When you’re ready, take a few deep breaths and write out your intention statement again on a fresh piece of paper. Place this on your altar or somewhere prominent in your sacred space.
  21. Place your Black Moonstone on top of your intention statement. This becomes a gesture that you’re planting the seed for your intention to grow and bloom.
  22. Leave this stone in place until the time of the full moon when you’ll switch gears from planning and intention setting to actively manifesting your dreams!


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