The Benefits Of Amethyst…

The Benefits Of Amethyst

This purple stone has been a favorite among gem lovers, and not just for its beauty. There are legends and lore from around the world that revolve around this crystal. From Greek mythology to Ancient Peru, Amethyst has been widely prized for its wonderful properties. Amethyst offers an abundance of marvelous benefits, making it a multipurpose crystal to have. Want to know how Amethyst can benefit you? Here are just a few ways Amethyst can be used.

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Instills Peace and Lowers Anxiety

Due to its qualities of relaxation, Amethyst helps in lowering anxieties and stresses of all sorts. Quieting the mind and body, it’s a great stone for those who are overworked, have nervous tendencies or anxieties of any kind.


Connecting to our Crown and Third Eye Chakras, Amethyst can help clear our minds when trying to fall asleep. Its peaceful energies assist in us reaching deeper states of slumber. Its other qualities that benefit sleep are preventing nightmares and enhancing intuitive dreams.

Enhancing Intuition

A stone of wisdom, Amethyst transitions us into deep states of meditation, relaxing our bodies and expanding our consciousness. It activates the Third Eye so that we are more capable in receiving messages from the divine and unlocking our own inner knowledge and intuition.

Psychic Protection

Amethyst is regarded as an extremely protective and spiritual stone, making it great in shielding us from unwanted vibrations. It blocks geopathic stress and other negative environmental energies. It also helps ward off the negative energies of people, especially those who take from your energy field.

Connecting to the Fae Realm

If you have strong ties to fairies and devas, Amethyst is a wonderful stone for connecting to these energies. Its powerful high vibrations help to raise our own so that we may be more attuned to communicating with other planes. Since it has such strong ties to the natural world, it is also a great crystal for your plants!


Legend goes that the Greek God of Wine, Bacchus, created the stone when out of his drunken rage, vowed that the next person he saw would be eaten by tigers. This happened to be Amethyst, a fair maiden, who was passing by on her way to worship the goddess Diana. Out of protection, the goddess turned Amethyst into a white stone. Feeling remorse, Bacchus poured his wine over the white stone as an offering, turning the gem its purple hue. Amethyst has long been associated with prevented drunkenness and overindulgence. It aligns us with higher vibrations that no longer feel the need to look to intoxication.


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