The Abundance And Blessings Of Working With Amethyst…

The Abundance And Blessings Of Working With Amethyst

Beautiful amethyst stones bring an abundance of blessings and healing. Work with the amethyst stone for healing, peace, balance, calmness, addiction or forgiveness. Gemstones not only bring in their own healing energies but they also absorb and transmit energy. Amethyst can be a very strong stone with which to work, similar to working with quartz crystals, though in a gentler way. Once you have obtained an amethyst stone, cleanse and bless your stone for your meditation and healing work. Results can be subtle over time or they can be instantaneous depending on you, your issues, and your openness to receive.

There are many ways to use your stone for healing work including:

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During meditation, hold or place the stone near you. Mentally focus on the attributes of amethyst that you wish to use. Feel the energy coming in and absorb its soothing power.

Bath Soaks

As a bath soak, set your amethyst stones in the bath water to aid in calming and relaxation.


As jewelry, these make beautiful pieces to add to your style and will also give you the added boost of having your healing energy stone on your person as you go through your day.

Energy Absorption

For the absorption of negative energies, place the stones around your home. Spread the love a little further and add them around your yard as a neighborhood pick-me-up. Cleanse regularly if indoors.

Chakra Cleansing and Balancing

Amethyst also relates to the crown chakra, the seventh and final chakra, at the crown of the head where your opening to the union with the God-source occurs. Its color can be purple or white and here you may receive light purple healing light as well as the pure white healing light of God as you focus upon your lavender amethyst. You may simply hold the stone or you may place it to the crown chakra during your meditation or healing.

If you would like to wear or work with amethyst, ask for guidance in choosing or receiving your stone or stones. Whichever methods you choose, amethyst acts as a tool to help you to easily and gently move forward. Balance and relax, heal and leave the old behind as you find a new peace through forgiveness.


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