3 Steps To Stay “Grounded” On A Daily Basis…

3 Steps To Stay “Grounded” On A Daily Basis

Staying Grounded

As a former dissociated woman, understanding the technique of “grounding” has been of utmost importance to me. I used to “check out” at virtually anything in my day.

My friends didn’t really know who I was — heck, I barely knew me. I didn’t know what grounding was, either, but now, I am well on my way to being an expert at it.

Through years of work and healing, I have healed myself, and now I would like to share what I have learned with you.

Below, I have three simple techniques anybody can do to help you ground at any point in the day. There is no such thing as doing any of these too much — feel free to do them twenty times a day if you need to!

If you find yourself in your head too much, whether it’s because your job demands it or because it’s where you feel most comfortable, or even if you are out of your body, here are some great techniques to help ground.

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  1. Imagine the invisible tube that goes up and down your spine, the one that connects all of your chakras and runs up and down your spinal cord. Now, visualize a rock floating down that tube, as if it were a rock sinking to the bottom of a spring or lake. Follow that rock with your mind’s eye. Continue visualizing this rock sinking down to the base of your spine until you feel you are back.
  2. Stand with your legs more than hip-width apart. Turn in your toes. Bend your knees. Drop down from your waist, so that the top half of you is dangling between your legs. Place both hands flat on the ground. Stay here for three minutes. When you feel you are ready, very slowly come up, one vertebra at a time. Welcome back!
  3. Stand up with your palms open and fingers together. Pat your body all over. Continue patting yourself, at a rapid rate, for three minutes. Pat your face, your arms, each hand, your armpits, your buttocks, your feet, everywhere! Note that you can also do this sitting or lying down. I have found that the best results occur while standing. See which way suits you best.


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