Grief Then…And Now

Grief Then … And Now

Death in America used to make us uncomfortable. Awkward. How often have we been stuck behind a hearse?

How often do most of us even see a hearse on the city streets? Or a dead body?

Mostly, our dead have been invisible .

But today, the number of the dead and dying is incomprehensible. It shakes us to our core.

Especially because we know most of those who died in the pandemic did so alone and frightened.

We must be sure we grieve them. This is a pandemic of Grief. We weep for what we have lost. We always grieve for what we have loved and lost.

We must be sure the grief and sorrow that well up in our hearts are expressed

There needs to be a National Day of “ grief and mourning.”

We  need to cry in each other’s arms . We have met grief for the first time for many of us. For most of us never like this. We pray never again.



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Kaleel Sakakeeny

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