Great Release And Spiritual Expansion Under The Pisces New Moon…

Great Release And Spiritual Expansion Under The Pisces New Moon

The Cosmic energy cycles greatly affects our cycles and energy levels. Every month the New Moon conjuncts with a new constellation and every constellation has new vibrational fields of energies that we are called to master.

The upcoming New Moon in Pisces on March 6th, 2019, is about compassion, imagination, and spiritual connection. It is inspiring us to focus on our spiritual self, asking us to admire the beautiful, the delicate, and to develop an intrinsic life-sensitive energy.

The Pisces influence will help you become excited about potential and newness, and because of the significant expansion that these elements bring, it is most important to focus on mastering inner boundaries and not to get lost in the dream world.

At this time Pisces is also focusing on resolving and releasing old issues around spiritual and energetic traumas. Be patient with yourself if you feel particularly sensitive or spaced out during the next few days; take time to rest and allow space in your heart to feel safe and secure.

Are you putting all that you have into what really counts for you? Are you feeling half in and half out, but don’t know how to fully embrace your dream with passion?

You may be experiencing feelings of insecurity and wanting to be passive and wait to see what happens in your life. In this case, consider re-evaluating the true motive behind what you do and reconnect with your passion with devotion.

Revisiting your relationship with commitment is also central at this time. This constellation is bringing significant energetic shifts, to introduce the perspectives of the heart for you to realize what is essential to you, and what it means for you to enjoy your life fully and completely.

Truth is another message that Pisces is sending!

Observe the way you spend your energy, whether it is with people or the media, and see what you have to change to reach a greater sense of authenticity and honesty.

If you engage in creativity and spiritual search, you will benefit from the great imagination of Pisces. Use the power of vibrations to tune into higher frequencies to change drastically your mental and physical state.

To attune into a deep level of harmony and to resonate with the highest level of vibrations present during a fertile time like the New Moon in Pisces, its best to take some time and write down your insights about what to let go and forgive. This practice will help you imagine your new self expanding effortlessly into new horizons.


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