Gratitude For Our Mothers

If you’re anything like me, you’ve cherished your mother whether with you near or far or gone from this life. This Mother’s Day, the extra special nod to mothers is as appropriate as ever. How and why should we hold mothers in esteem? Here are 5 ways mothers care for us, whether we know it or don’t, giving us all the reasons to celebrate her on her special day.

1. A mother loves us more than she can say

Needless to say, mothers usually cannot give the words to express their affection for their children. Though it is tough to see their children go through challenges, and vice-versa, a mother most often loves her kids so much that she would do almost anything for them. A mother’s love and bond is invaluable, priceless, a gift.

2. A mother’s instincts help guide our actions, often times for the good

When young, our parents including our mothers help us get back up when we might fall down. Our mothers can help us figure our way through tough times with encouragement, help instill values in our sense of morality, and provide the example of goodness that we sometimes may not see in the world around us. A mother’s instincts are so refined and valuable that as children it is often said we don’t appreciate our parents as much until becoming parents ourselves. Certainly, instinctually, mothers have got it right.

3. A mother’s trust is like no other

When we confide in our mothers, for I hope most of us, it because we know we can trust them. A mother’s trust is unshaken because she values her relationship with her children more than any other.

4. A mother can be your guiding light

The love of our mothers and the values they instill in us as children can often have us hold mothers in the highest esteem. A mother can be your guiding light through the goodness, love and care she exudes from her entire soul. She is indefinitely a guiding light not only for her children, but I believe the minute she becomes a mother, a guiding light to those nearest and dearest to her.

5. A mother provides conviction in her kids to find their purpose and serves as a model of strength

The strength needed to be a mother, as I have seen, provides conviction and passion for children to find their way in this world, to find their purpose. By serving as a model of strength, a mother can undoubtedly have this effect on her children, whether she means to or not. A mother is by far, along par with fathers, the strongest models of strength that this world has to offer.

With all the caring that mothers afford us in our lives, here’s to all the mothers in this world. Happy Mother’s Day. We respect and cherish your love, and we are so happy to call you our mothers. Thank you for all the amazing and heartwarming things that you do.

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