The Golden Thread: Finding it in your own life.…

The Golden Thread: Finding it in your own life.

Around eight years ago, I had a dream about a golden escalator, that I took up and it took me home to my, then condo in Somerville, MA. That is just part of the dream and it stuck in my mind because it was magical and took me across the sky and the universe back to where I wanted to be…Home.

Several years earlier I had met my spiritual teacher, Brugh Joy. Things really shifted after that. I started having many realizations about my life. What needed to change, and trusting myself more. I had always been spiritual and now something else was coming forward.

The Golden Thread. What is the Golden Thread? It can be people, places, situations that bring you or guide you to the next place you need to be. This can be metaphoric not just physical. And it is not all pleasant. Some of my Golden Thread has been harsh and some of it wonder-filled.

Here is an example from my life. Years ago now my sister decided to become an actor, while I was living in New Mexico. I had been one for 20 years when I was younger. In our conversations over the years, something inside me was stimulated. I missed it. Years went by and I moved back to MA. Once there I decided to sit in on one of the classes my sister and her husband hosted quarterly with a New York acting coach. I was impressed with his teaching. A year later I sat in again. After that class, I wanted to participate and do a monologue after over 20 years of not acting. I had to then wait 8 months due to work to be able to participate again. The teacher’s comments and support of me and my work then led me to move back to NY State, where I had lived and gone to acting school in New York City some 30 plus years before. Once here I started to pursue acting again along with my primary job as a make up artist. This now has led me to other classes and teachers, who support me and my acting work. I have come full circle in my life and location and first love of acting. Can you see how the Golden Thread led me along a path? I do. Who knows why? Who knows what will happen? What I see is a mystery unfolding. Things line up over the long body of my life. I could never see this at the time, only now looking back I see it.

Looking back, I now can see many of these Golden Threads. Each has taught me something. I can see how I was guided to places, people, and situations that have and continue to teach me. Some I admit have been very painful and some dangerous.

Now pretend you go to a class, you meet someone, they help you with something or someone. Maybe they help you get a job. Coincidence? No, it is the Golden Thread!

When you look at your life this way it becomes a mystery unfolding, magical and fascinating to you. You can wake up in the morning, with the question, “What’s next for me?” You can be in wonderment of your own life and ask, “Why am I here?”

The Golden Thread can show you how everyone and everything has value to you and others in some way. Yes, some may hurt you, harm you or help you. No, you don’t need to keep toxic people in your life, and still, you can appreciate how they inexplicably helped chart your life’s course.

When I look back on all my life so far, I can see much of how The Golden Thread has made me a strong person, a person who has never given up on herself and life no matter how much she wanted to. This comforts me. The Golden Thread has also shown me that a great or simple kind encounter from people has saved my life, given me joy, appreciation, and hope. These people were not close to me or well known for the most part. Don’t overlook these encounters.

When you start looking for and finding your Golden Thread, you realize you don’t have to blame others so much anymore, you move on and let go more and more. Some situations and people aren’t meant to stay in your life. You can see the lessons and gifts they brought to your life, even if they don’t know it. You can love them and let them go. Not a piece of cake for me by the way.

Following my, Golden Thread has made my life more profound and precious. Look for The Golden Thread in your life. You will light up when you do.


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Navya La Shay

Navya La Shay considers herself a Mystic. Asking the big questions about life and see’s it as a mystery unfolding…

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