Going Abroad For A Yoga Retreat? Don’t Forget These Essentials…

Going Abroad For A Yoga Retreat? Don’t Forget These Essentials

It’s one thing going on a retreat at your local studio or maybe commuting a city or state away, but when considering going on a yoga retreat outside the country it’s a whole different ball game. Things such as visas, getting around in a country with a different language, knowing how to appropriately act/dress in different cultural settings, to say the least, all come into play. Which is why, after attending my sisters yoga retreat in Costa Rica a few weeks ago and running into a few obstacles, decided to write an article on just this.

Coming from my own experience, here are a few guidelines so your out-of-country yoga retreat will go as smooth as possible!


Depending on the country you are trying to enter, you may or may not have to acquire a visa which allows your entry into the country. For example, in Costa Rica, you can get either a 30, 60, or 90 day visa on arrival if you are from the USA. But for a place like India, you need to acquire a visa online and will need to do the work and research beforehand.

Can you imagine showing up to a country and realizing you can’t get in?

This is why it’s extremely important to look into your visa if going to a different country. For US citizens, check out your visa requirements, here.


Oh, money. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way with this one. I was recently in Bali and realized I forgot my debit card. (*cringe*) Normally in the USA I pay for everything with either cash or credit. I don’t ever use my debit card because I never had a need to.

Until I arrived to Bali and realized I couldn’t withdraw money from any ATM!

Please, don’t do this to yourself. Make sure your ducks are in a row. Call your banks and credit card companies and let them know where you’re going and for how long. Bring some cash for emergencies. And please, bring a debit card or ATM card so you’re able to withdraw cash from ATM’s.

Protect your Identity

This is not something I thought twice about until my friends identity was almost stolen. It’s easy to have happen to you if you’re traveling abroad, and repercussions are more painful too. While my friend was out of the country for a month, someone had accessed his information and tried to open a credit card account under their name. It was a huge pain and took a long time to sort everything out, especially since they were out of the country. To take proper precaution, I would recommend getting identity theft insurance, which I now am a proud carrier of after seeing the stress it put on my friend.

Research Customs & Traditions

I see this all the time. Some entitled American girl waltzing into a country thinking she has the ‘right’ to dress and act however she wants. I mean this as kindly as possible, but guess what honey… you’re not in America anymore. It can be extremely harmful and disrespectful to a culture and society to act as though you are back at home. Especially if you’re going to any temples or holy sites, please do a little bit of research on the customs and traditions of wherever you’re going. For example, in many countries in Asia, immodesty can be offensive, so make sure to bring appropriate clothing.


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