Pathway Crystal Grid

In these current Covid times of darkness and loss, we need guidance more than ever.

Discover your pathway.

What happens when we get lost, we stop, we look around us feeling up a panic inside, rationale us slowly taken over by fear. Why are we afraid? What stops us? Why can we not see a path anymore?

Here is a simple exercise for all.

Nature’s own grid. Get yourself a crystal, they are true healers and it is really worth aquiring one. Clean your crystal under running water asking for it’s help and guidance. Take a piece of A4 Paper and draw a spiral. Make it large enough to add things. Draw or paint around it, squiggles, lines, blots, even close your eyes, all the time thinking of a path you would like to take. A walk in a forest, by the sea, up a mountain. Really try to imagine you are walking this chosen path. See the ground, feel the ground, how does it feel, hard earth, soft sand. See the sky, feel the wind, listen to the trees. Is it hot or cold, can you hear the birds, and any animals.

Live your walk.

Then go outside and gather some of natures gifts from outside. Plants, leaves, flowers, stones, earth, dried pieces, anything, absolutely anything you FIND that catches your eye.

Go back to your grid and place your items around your spiral. Put your crystal in the centre. Light a white candle or any candle 🕯️. Close your eyes and walk your path again.

Breathe in deep, hold for a few seconds, then breathe out real slow as if blowing on a person without them awakening.

Take time to Enjoy your journey.

When you have finished thank your crystal.

Write your journey down describing everything you saw and felt. Scribble or neat, sketch images, paint lines or colours that remind you of what you saw and how you felt. Stick pieces in that you collected. Remember this is your path, your journey.

Leave your grid out for a few days to continue to inspire you, then clear away carefully Remember you can do this as often as you like, but do write down your feelings as when you read them back to yourself, each time, you will start to see different things, a kind of movement inside, a few steps to what you are seeking.

Blessings to all

The Healing Witch.

About my courses – These can be one to one or in small groups.

We look at ourselves, our subconscious. Starting with Soul Collage techniques we discover where are paths lie and what stops us. We use Crystals to guide us, as healers and torches of light. We journal our thoughts, writing is the oldest form of spell craft and we create a sigyl to inspire and protect.


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The Healing Witch Tarot cards. Readings In my readings I encourage the use of soul collage to find your paths.…

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